Thursday, May 19, 2011

Road Trip w/Toddler, I must be insane.

Rant:: The fact that airfare is so indecent is making me so annoyed. Two tickets to Seattle, Washington should not cost almost $700 freaking dollars. I'm just sayin.

My sister is graduating college next month. I checked into the airfare, and thought it shouldn't be that much (4 months ago). I was so wrong it was at $600 for me and Mack. I said that's freaking stupid. Being me and thinking I'm smart, or not so smart, waited and checked 2 months later, and the prices went up. So, lame. 

I have to be there for my sister's graduation. She is one of those grudge holding people that will never let you forget and will always remind you. Ya, I don't need anymore grudges, she still has plenty on me. 

I decided Mack and I will be driving. I mean we have driven to L.A. all the time and she is great. L.A. is only 6-7 hours. Ummm, yeah, Washington State is 11-12 hours. I have a Subaru, so we can make it to washington on about $120 bucks in gas each way. I like $240 oppose to $600. So that's, that! We are driving. 

We leave in two weeks now. Yikes! We have a portable DVD player, so I think it will go smoothly. I plan to depart at around 3:00am so that I can get in a solid 4-5 hours of driving in with Mack still asleep, without stopping. That's a plan that may not be a good one. We shall see. Oh, and the better half is staying home for this trip, just me and mack and 854 miles to Washington. 

This drive should be memorable, chaotic, or just down right awesome with my all most 3 year old. 

My tweets should be just hilarious... I'm assuming. 

Ya, I'm just crazy for doing this. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Amgen Tour Of California in Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe had a great opportunity to host the 1st and 2nd stages of the Amgen Tour. My work was a sponsor, so I was really into it and volunteered to represent our branding and company name up at the resort, North Star at Tahoe. 

So, what happens when I arrive at the resort, snow happens! It was dumping outside. The racer's were lined up in South Lake, Tahoe and well guess what the race was called off due to snow. Both stages of the race were cancelled on Sunday and Monday, due to snow. 

Lake Tahoe is a unpredictable place when it comes to weather, especially in the month of May. It's such a bummer, because it would have been great for the community and a lot of businesses lost a lot of money due to the race's being cancelled. 

I guess there is always next year, or maybe not. I bet they won't include Tahoe in the race next year due to our unstable weather this time of year. Boo! 

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Defined:: Code N2

I picked up Mackenna the other day from preschool & I heard the teacher say Code N2. I was like what the heck, are they teaching our kids military ops or something? I thought to myself...preschool, the opportunity of learning even if it's military codes and operations. Maybe they were playing a game, you know using their imagination, which I have yet to do in the last 10 years.

Anyway, I forgot about it. The next day when I dropped Mack off at school, I heard it again.   Teacher.. "we have another Code N2" it's pretty serious. 

I looked at the teacher, I'm sure it was the most weird and ridiculous look ever & the one you know it just looks ugly, ya that kind. I finally blubbered, what is Code N2? You guys playing a military ops game or something. The teacher looked at me, like what the Fluck, military opps, ya with the kids, I don't think so. 

She told me, that they say it to the other teacher's when a kid poops their pants. Code "Number two!" 

ZOMG! I felt Dumb! No the kids don't play military ops games at school, the teacher's use it when a kid shat's their pants. 

So, yesterday I learned what Code N2 is.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Project Life Thursday's

I'm addicted to my new project life by Becky Higgins. When you see something online or things that everyone is doing, you think well it's cool, but do I really need it. I mean I could go to starbucks for a whole week, twice a day even, and get those pair of shoes I've been swooning over the last week instead...

I know, I actually think this in my head.

I starred, thought, imagined of what I could do with this product. Was it something I really wanted? Would I actually use it? Finally, with my girl panties on, click the button and placed the order on Amazon. I mean I have 2 day free freaking shipping, why the hell not. I rationalized with buying, thinking that mother's day was coming up & and saved the hubs the trouble and bought my mother's day gift. What a gal right!?

When that ugly, unattractive brown box showed up on the porch, I was like this is it. I must open it now and decide if it was worth the money before the hubs comes home and explains to me why I should never be allowed or let alone a computer. (he is problem smiling right now). 

I opened it and it was in this pretty white box. Let's just say I dove right in that night and well I haven't stopped. I love it, it's easy and it's something that I can have time to myself to do. 

Here a couple of photos of my first few pages. Some are incomplete, but you get the idea. 

Are you swooning for one of these bad boys. Unfortunately the one I have is no longer available. Don't fret, she is coming out with her new kits for school in July and also, new kits for 2012 in October. Stock her blog at BeckyHiggins.Com 

I went onto snap fish and ordered around 300 prints of photo's of Mack's first year. I even made 4X6 collages right on the site as well. I paid $29.93 for 300 prints and collages. If you order now on snap fish use code 2011MAY and you will get free shipping. Perfect right. 

Any of my fellow bloggers that are digging into project life? I would love to know and see your progress and what you have done with your albums.

Child Hood Vs. Adult Hood

I literally thought of this idea to blog about when I was driving home from the store this last Saturday night. I tend to think a lot, too much, about stupid stuff, dwell, stress..etc. I think you get it right! 

Once a upon a time I live in Seattle, Washington. I was born to an OCD father and mother. I didn't find this out until I grew older. 

I lived with my dad full time. My dad was a complete clean freak, and almost to the point where he would drive one crazy. He also was not a morning person whatsoever, and disagree to agree. 

Our rooms had to be clean and spotless. The old argument of "well it's my room I will close the door", didn't fly with my dad, cuz you see the sq footage of our closed door still belonged to him. So, our rooms were pretty clean for the most part. 

Dishes in the sink. We would have to have a pretty good reason why there were dishes in the sink. I.e. the dish washer was either currently running or you were about to say I'm emptying the dish washer now.

If you were late for school or missed the bus. I would A. call someone else and try and get a ride. or B. walk to school and just be late. It was much better to be late for school then wake my dad up and get oscar the grouch on the way to school in the car. Usually he was not happy when he was awoken from his slumber cave to drive me to school if I was late. 

There were times when my dad would tell me no. I couldn't do something I couldn't hang out with certain people, blah blah. The you cannot do list. Which I'm sure all of our parents have. I'm sure we have all thought to ourselves...

When I'm older and have my own place and my own house... I will
A. Buy whatever I want at the grocery store and will not have to answer to you
B. Stay out as long as I want and not have to check in with anyone. 
C. I will leave my room a mess because it will be my own house
D. I will do dishes whenever I feel like it so there. 
E. I will give my kids everything, because I know what it feel's like when someone tells you no.
F. I will not yell or discipline  my kids like you yelled & disciplined me. 
G. I will drive as fast and anywhere I want because I will be paying for my gas and my own insurance. 

This list could go on for like forever.

My point of all of this. When I grew older I became a product of my parents. Geee imagine that. 

I'm pretty clean and I don't like to leave my house or room a mess. I don't stay out late at all. My room can get a messy, but I usually clean it because it's just gross. I do dished if no daily every other day. I do not give my daughter everything, I say no and I don't feel bad about it. I have disciplined Mack for doing things wrong and not listening. I am cautious when driving because I don't want to have to pay money for tickets and higher insurance. 

It's funny when we are younger and think of all the things we cannot wait to do when we get older and live our lives without our parents. Everything I said I was going to do when I got older I don't do. It makes me laugh now about how rough I thought things were. The real world can be nasty and spit you out, but you parents raised and taught us certain things not to make them the bad guys, but teaching you to be realistic. 

I hope I can teach Mack the same things I was taught from my parents. 

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Best photo award to mack

This is the best smile I got from Mack on mothers day.
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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Some of my favorite mother quotes. 

" Mothers hold their children's hands for a short while, but their hearts forever. "
 ~Author Unknown

" All mothers are working mothers."  ~Author Unknown


Dear Mom, 

Like I've said before, you are a pain in the ass, advice giver, opinionated, loud spoken, stubborn, always right, loving, always there, did I mention pain my ass. Wasn't sure and I wanted to make sure that made it into the list. Good cook, cancer survivor, loving Grandma, and most of all the best mom. I may not tell you all the time, ok probably never, but I love you and all that you do for me and my family. This day is as much as mine as yours, because if it weren't for you, I wouldn't be the person I am today. Being a mother is a hard job and I never really understood it until I became one myself. I'm glad you are around and living in the same country, let alone the same state. I know I've been glad to have you around and for you to be part of Mack's life. 

Happy Mother's Day Mom!


Happy Mother's day to all of my family, friends and fellow bloggers. May this day be a day about you. You, We, I deserve this day. 

Friday, May 6, 2011

Saving's Account, who needs one.

I'm 24 years old, and yet to ever establish or start a saving's account. It's one of those lessons that I have yet to learn or teach myself. Which is farking stupid right. My thinking of not needing  a savings account is necessary, no matter how much money you make, I only fooling myself. I would love to say we have $5K or even $10K in savings because we are rock stars and that's what we do. We save.

I'm admitting I'm a SPENDER!

Whenever I see that amount after all bills are paid and the groceries are in cupboard I start to get the itch. The itch to buy something, to buy Mack, to buy Ian or something for the house. The list goes on I tell you.

I'm starting to learn that what you have, what's in your house, what kind of car you drive doesn't define you or your wealth. I have a nice car and so does the hubs, but is it worth the $1,000 a month to have those nice cars... no! I would rather have a car that gets me from A to B then have a the latest and greatest. 

Think if I saved $1,000 a month just by not having car payments that would be $12K a year. That would be one good effing vacation or several right? That's how I've been thinking lately. 

I have to be a grown up and just start saving the dough. Automatic transfer money straight from my check to savings. sounds easy right. Saving is hard and it takes some serious discipline and self control. 

Less is more. I'm posting that on my mirror in the morning, along with hey fatty don't skip the gym either today. 

I like writing notes to myself. 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A career in the Army.. My Brother

My brother although a huge pain in my ass most of the time.. ok all of the time, has decided to join the army. Well he decided more than 2 years ago, but he is getting close to enlisting in the next 2-3 months. He took his MSCAT (military) test and he scored a 56. So basically he can have any job in the army he wants and a sign on bonus for his high test score. 


Now, that I think about it I'm going to be the sister of a U.S. Army Soldier.. soon. I remember watching hurt locker or something with my mom and saying " you know when Drae is deployed and over seas I won't be able to watch these war movies anymore." I like war movies, but maybe because no one in my family is currently active in the military or fighting the in the recent wars over the last decade.

I know my brother will be a great soldier and I think it's incredibly selfless to be able to join our "defensive team". Plus he could use the ass kicking from a higher rank. He thought my mom and whoever else in his life was a jerk face, wait till he has a soldier screaming in his face every five seconds. 

Anyway, I'm proud of my lil bro. Even if he is a stubborn and arrogant lil punk. ;)

Monday, May 2, 2011

My Fitness Pal

I've been on My Fitness Pal for quite a few months. There appears to be a lot of us mommy bloggers out there that... well, have it too! I would love for you to leave me your username's or your names you go by on the site. I would love to be friends with you and we can motivate and hold each other accountable. 

Please leave me your Account name in my comments, I can't wait to have you as my friend on My Fitness Pal. 

In just one week of actually counting my calories and watching what I'm eating and working out 3X a day. I've lost 4 pounds. 

I love how easy it is to document and keep track. If you haven't joined My Fitness Pal, you have to join now. 

My User Name: MountainMum

Add me as your friend and we can motivate and keep each other on track. 

If you are new to my fitness pal, then you have to go and check it out. You can track all of your food, exercise and water intake for the day. It's a one stop shop.

For you smartphone users there is an app you can download and have it on the go with you. It really is awesome. I hope to see you on there soon. 

Easter Weekend, Egg hunts oh my!

Easter weekend consisted of way too much candy, easter egg hunts, easter bunny, rain and wind, ham and more candy.

I love Easter and this year as been the most fun of them all. Last year we didn't really partake in the festivities and I'm a little bummed about now that I think about it. This year I went all out and made a lovely easter basket for Mack including: tinker bell doll, Tangled, candy, chap stick, more candy, and bubbles. 

Side note: My kid goes bonkers over bubbles. Its almost ridiculous. 

We went to a easter egg hunt on Saturday at the local park and there were tons of kids. It was raining and cold and mack was so over stimulated she didn't look at the camera once. Hint the nice pic of Ian and easter bunny and Mack looking at the ground. 

Sunday we took a dive in the easter basket, watched tangled and ate candy at around 6am. I'm all about good parenting decisions like feeding my 2 1/2 year old candy at 6:30am. We followed it by another easter egg hunt in our front yard and ham dinner. It was a perfect day and weekend. 

Friday, April 29, 2011

Project Life - My order has arrived

I have been swooning and drooling and perhaps day dreaming of me completing a project for life album by Becky Higgins. 

You have heard of project life. OMGeee... go here now please

ok.. I feel better now you have seen it and now you are scratching your head yeah and..

I'm a scrapbooker, yet I haven't completed a damn thing. That is the truth. ok, I lied I finished 1 page. My child is almost flippin 3 years old. One page is pathetic. I'm a working mom, ya I know what an excuse right. But, seriously it's mine. I work full time and some, 50 hours minimum a week, cook, clean, baths, read stories, bake, dance class etc. I do it all. So where in the world do I find the time to scrap book. During my child's 3 hour naps. Ya it's crazy my child still naps for almost 3 hours a day. Yay me! However, during that time I think of other things to do.. like being lazy, catching up on shows, being lazy, cleaning, grocery shopping or just being lazy. Moral of that sentence I've been lazy about scrap booking. 

Anyway, I've seen this product come up time and time again on other people's blogs and I instantly needed to know what the hype was about. I checked out becky higgins website and then I was hooked and ordered my first kit 2 days ago on Amazon for myself for mother's day. I'm so nice to myself I know. 

I just received it today and I'm so excited. It's like the perfect dream for limited time and still have scrap booking, but less time consuming, therefore more time to do other things.. like be lazy. Possibly. 

This is the amber kit/ the binder

First I need to get all my photos printed.. yikes ya like 3 years worth. I plan on getting one book done in the next month and completing the other 1 1/2 years in the next 3 months. The kit is amazing and so so easy. I will be updating every tuesday on my "project life".

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Skills I've gained from being a 3 year old mom.

1. on your free time you nap
2. Food, drool, slime and possible snot is part of your daily wardrobe.
3. You sleep on your spare time
4. Cleaning is considered "your" time
5. It takes you 45 minutes to get milk and bread at the store
6. The cat get's kicked off the bed, because you can't give anymore attention to anyone
7. Your child fart's and you both laugh
8. Poop doesn't really smell the way it used too. More mild
9. You can cook dinner, entertain child, and go through the mail at the same time
10. You know all of the pixar movies by heart

I remember thinking that motherhood wouldn't be that hard, it's instinct right, things will just fall into place. I was sort wrong...

I remember the first cold, I rushed Mack (4 months old) to the ER. I didn't even call the doctor I just took her to the emergency room. She had a high fever and a runny nose. I learned then that babies get sick and to watch them and make sure you nurse lot's and they are peeing and drinking lot's of fluids. I learned from my mistake of rushing Mack to the ER.

Teething, I was in for a surprise. It was a lot of internet research, trial and error and sleepless nights. But I made it.

I never realized that nursing would take so much effort and energy. I was completely drained and tired all the time. I wish I was more prepared for that.

Looking back the last 3 years of all that I've done and accomplished as a mother and learned, it's been an incredible journey. and I always think about doing it again... I must be crazy.  

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Pst... my kid is the front of the train
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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Click's, weren't they suppose to stay in high school

Mack has been attending dance class for 2 months now. The kid loves it. I mean loves it. She get's to run around and listen to songs and make loud noises with tap shoes. 

However, I regret going every week. 

I love going to watch Mack dance and learn and grow with the other little chickas at class. It's the mom's that come along with there kids. 

Briefing: Lake Tahoe is a mixture of hippies, normal working middle class people (like myself), and stuck up rich snobs. Some of them only visit their second homes a couple times of year and some of the other ones are the douches that live here full time. 

Ok, back to dance class. Usually I can deal with these people and just think to myself, "why don't you stick it where the sun don't shine" and other times, I can't just brush them off. When people don't even say hi to you or even know your name, might I add, it kind of gets to you. 

My daughter is a lot like me. We are sociable and can make friends pretty much anywhere we go. However, this "clicky group of gals" are too cool for school I guess you could say. They are the prettied up mama's with their coffee in hand more worried about their recent gossip and there next coffee get together's rather than paying attention to their jerk of a kid. 

I thought click's were for high school. I guess some people just don't grow up. 

What really get's me is Mack claps and cheers for their kids and we try and be friendly and we get nothing in return. 

I will continue to put up with doushe bags, because my daughter loves the dance class and I'm not going to make her suffer because I can't remember to realize that they are jerks and nothing will change. 

Friday, April 22, 2011

Photo Organizing Project Part 1

Around 8 months ago my computer crashed. Ya hard drive after 18 months on a new computer completely crapped out. Me being dumb I didn't back up any of my photos. I know how stupid of me. It's so simple to do, but me being naive you never think you will loose anything on your computer. Ha. I lossed all of Mack's photos for the first 2 years. Super lame.

However, a friend of mine switched over one of the drivers and ram over to a back up one in the computer I was able to pull off all the photos before my computer took a dump the next day. Super ecstatic. 

I was looking over the photos and I didn't for some reason transfer the delivery photos and the baby shower. poop. I checked out Ian's old myspace page, which he never uses and thank god never deleted. There they were the delivery photos on his page. I quickly snagged them off of his page and I now have 24 photos I didn't think I would ever get back. phew. I mean I sweating bullets and just wanted to cry.

So I now have all my photos on a DVD. There are safe for now. Then I got to thinking my lap top which has been our back up computer for the last year is about 5 years old and I can't believe it is still kicking. literally. So, first order of business is to pull off all my photos from the last 18 months and back them up, before I'm super sad again. You can't get lucky twice in my opinion. 

I have been reading I Heart Organizing blog and Sunny Side up. These ladies/Mama's are pro's I tell you. They have all their books done and photos printed and I Heart Organizing did a month long photo organizing project back in February. 

I thought to myself I must get my act together. 

For the next month, I'm going to be challenging myself to these tasks:

A. Back all photos (1/2 done)
B. Create safe box or filing system for Mack's art work and keep sakes I want to keep and include in her books.
C. Print all digital photos and prepare to do 3 years worth of books. (yikes I'm a slack)
D. Order Amber Higgins book making kit. ( You have to check these out it looks so worth the $52 bucks. 
E. Organize photos into the years and stages of Mack's life.
F. Create Books. 

Seems like a simple and short list, but a lot of work ahead of me. Oh, and I will throw in finishing her baby book while I'm at it. Yikes!

If anyone is in similar shoes or behind in these departments, feel free to link up with me as we try and tackle the ongoing projects of photos. 

I'm so excited to get all of things done and making memory books for Mack to have when she get's older. 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mountain Mum Letter's

Dear Mack: Daddy always seems to go first all the time, So this week you are first. You are becoming more and more testy and challenging with discipline. Mommy doesn't like putting you in time outs and I don't like having to punish you. So, be a good girl this week and listen to mommy. You have completely wow'd me on the other hand with you potty training. You have been doing so well and going poop for the first time at school and at home. Dear Ian: I love our nights on the couch after Mack is in bed and we watch our favorite tv shows. I didn't make it till the end of shows this week without falling asleep first, but there is always next week. Dear Directv DVR: I'm so glad you are there to record our shows, because I would never be awake for any of them. Dear Spring: it's nice to see no snow in our forecast the last 2 weeks. So, please be sure to continue to bring us sun and rain showers only. Dear Mack: I can't wait to go on the easter egg this hunt and have your real first easter this year. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Men who pee on the floor

I'm warning you... this is a rant. But.. you might feel the same way. 

I can't tell you how sick I am of cleaning pee of the toilet and floor. You would think after 28 years my other half could point, shoot and aim. I'm I wrong about this?

I nag and complain about it, but then it ends in a stupid comment from the other end and then I get pissed and walk away sometimes laughing on how stupid it is we are arguing over pee pee on the floor. 

What do you other woman do about this? Or is your other halves better trained?

I might have to make him sit down on the toilet if no improvement has been made. The one thing that get's me is that they can find a tinier hole at any hour of the day, moon or shine, but yet the huge porcelain bowl is unattainable for them to hit. 

Monday, April 18, 2011

Mack colors eggs

Tonight we decided to boil eggs and get our dye on. Mack had a lot of fun. She loved the sticker idea better the writing with chalk.

Dying eggs is one of my favorite Easter traditions.

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

We've gone poop'in

Exciting things happening in the potty training department. Mack has been able to drop a duce at school and at home this week. We are down to pull-ups only this week at night time. What a relief and I'm so proud of my little girl. boy, the sure do grow up fast. 

While we are on the poop subject, have you ever read or gotten your hands on the book called "Everyone poops book" 

It is a strange book, but it's a great book to encourage your little one to poop. Mack loves to look at it on the potty. 

Enough Poop talk for one post. 

Monday, April 11, 2011

McFatty Monday: Isagenix Week #3

Weight loss is one of those things that just takes work. I recently, meaning last Thursday, had my IUD removed. I think this was one of the many contributors to not being able to loose that much weight and only pounds at a time. Ever since I've had it removed I feel so much better physically and emotionally. However, I've been more tired then normal the last 4 days and kinda in la la land sort to speak.

It's amazing how messed up your body gets when hormones are taken away. I feel just odd a little bit the last few days but that is ok.

Also, this week I've felt inspired. I have two favorite McFatty Post blogs I love to read. 

The Heir to Blair - Blair is so honest about herself and her Journey. Love, Love her.

Mom-Nom - Tiffany has been on a system called Medifast for 14 weeks and has almost lost 50 pounds! She is truly an inspiration and OMGeeee she is looking good ladies. Pop on over to her blog and see how she is doing it. 

Weight loss to Date 8.4 pounds

Weight left to loose 56.6 pounds left

Set backs for me this week are getting my IUD pulled feeling out of whack and my emotions all over the place. My stomach has been bloated and uncomfortable since last Thursday. 

However, I visited the gym this week 3 times. I trained on the elipitcal and treadmill at the gym and an extra run after dinner one night a mile and half. 

This week I burned 1,300 calories from 3 days at the gym and a 1.5 mile run. 

I'm so pumped this week and cannot wait until next week. I'm planning on hitting the gym 5 days this week. 

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Coffee in silence

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Some Morning's I get to have 20 minutes or so before the peanut wakes up. It's not every morning, but on occasion I get that time. It's nice to have a cup of coffee in silence, write a blog post, read my favo blogs, or just sit in silence and watch the news. To have 20 minutes of silence before the hustle begins in the morning for preschool and work is so nice sometimes. I get to think about the day in peace, maybe write up a post (ahem like now) or catch up on my favorite blogs. Whatever it is I decide to do, it's nice to have that time to myself. The man is off to work already and it's just me and Mack in the morning's. 

Sometimes I wish I could stay at home in my Pj's all day with Mack, but this woman here lives real life I guess and goes to work because I need to. Which is ok, I get the morning routine with Mack and she gets to go to preschool and be with her friends all day. I'm glad I'm a working mom, because she loves going to school and I couldn't imagine keeping her home all day with me. 

Happy Thursday!

P.S. Do you have silence by yourself? What time of day?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Isagenix Week #2

First of all I'm sorry for the late post, I've been so stinking busy. 

Things are getting easier and easier and I'm sticking to it. You know when things just click, they just CLICK!! 

I've been going to the gym the last week every week day on my lunch. I would love to enter in on a saturday, but maybe I should make it a non-gym workout day and to a run, long walk with Mack, or soon very soon... swimming. 

Cuz Bra's and Gal's it's getting warm here in Northern California. Finally. 

In a way this week has been tough because I haven't gotten the results on the scale that I wanted and that is ok. Because I've been going to the gym and I regaining muscle, so their are times when the scale with go up and down when you add working out and weights into the mix. Maybe I will hold off on the weights and just do all cardio for the next 2 weeks. Actually, that is what I'm going to do.

Here is the run down Bloggeee's. 

Total Weight loss this week 2.6 Pounds! 

Weight Loss so far: 7.26 pounds
Weight left to loose 52.7 pounds

10 Pounds (April 10th)
20 Pounds (April 20th)
30 Pounds (May 20th)
40 Pounds 
50 Pounds 
60 Pounds (Jump Up N Down! Party)

I'm feeling good and proud of myself. Cheers to week #3.

* Isagenix is a cleanse program targeted to regain natural energy and natural weight loss. The opinions of the product and the results are my own . If you are interested in using the products, please visit. *

Thursday, March 31, 2011

I Heart Gmail

There are so many things that you can do with Gmail. I love it. I'm an android and my phone is powered by google. I have currently have the droid X. 

Side note: Love love this phone.

Anyway, I've used write in calendars and white boards in my kitchen. Nothing works for me to remember the hundreds of tasks a day that I need to do, appointments, cleaning schedule, hubs schedule, Mack's, Bills, Birthday's, and last but not least blogging. 

What is the one thing that we rarely forget on a daily basis... yes, the phone.

Having email on phone is awesome and so convenient. So, I thought to myself if my email is so nice to have, then why the heck don't I utilize my google calendar through my email. I me Der!

Gmail offers so many awesome tools with your calendar. You can make several calendars aside from your normal calendar.

These are mine:
* My main calendar
* Cleaning
* Ian
* Mack
* Appointments
* Pay Days
* Bill Due Dates
* Blogging
* Birthday's
* Overtime

These are the things that I need to remember on a day to day basis. I add everything else under my main calendar. The great part about Gmail is that it offers you to make all these different calendars... to your little heart's content and color code them. You can set up reminders and even have a text sent to you if you don't can't get email to your phone or look at your google calendar. 

No more to do list's, planning for the week on post it's. It's all contained in the palm of my hand, and it alerts me by sound, so I never forget a thing.... How great is that. If you haven't used your gmail account to it's full potential, then you have to try it out. 

If you have any questions or need help, please don't hesitate to leave me a comment, or email me @

I work with google powered email through work and my personal, so I'm pretty well rounded with it. 

What do you do keep yourself organized with your to do tasks and such?
Do you keep it on a calendar or write it down?
What works' for you the best?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Constructive Criticism and you!

I've been thinking for a little bit about what my readers like and don't like about my blog. I've been blogging for almost a year. Weee... blog anniversary party. I'm curious to see what you overall think of my blog and what you don't like. I have a couple of questions to ask and I'm hoping you can answer them for me. I love to blog and share things about me, my child and my life, but I don't want to bore you guys to death. 

What do you like the most about my blog?

Are my posts too long? Too short?

Do my topics and posts interest you or put you to sleep?

What do you wish I wrote more about?

What interests you and what do you like to read on other blogs?

Thanks so much for your feedback. I'm willing to take positive or negative. 

McFatty Monday - Week #1

After epic fail after epic fail. This week has been super positive. This first week of any new thing, whether it's dieting, going to the gym, new yoga class... it can be hard. If you can make it through 7 days/week and you are still yet determined there is really nothing keeping you from stopping. Well sometimes..

This week was awesome. I'm using a cleanse and weight loss system called Isagenix. Heard of it? It is such an amazing product. They make it so easy for you. I love the way it makes you feel and the my natural energy that has been restored. 

I'm an energy drink junky. The bull. That's right the red bull. It sings sweet, sweet music to me everytime I'm even anywhere near it. I can't help it, I can't resist, it gets me at my weakest point and then done deal I bought a can. 

So I've avoided going into stores and going anywhere near that specific fridge... and I don't even make contact with bull. It sounds stupid, but this is how bad my addiction is to those things. 

Drum Roll Please....

After one week I released 5 pounds!!

Weight Loss so far: 5 pounds
Weight left to loose 55 pounds

10 Pounds (April 1st)
20 Pounds (Reward: Free Dinner night)
30 Pounds (???)
40 Pounds (New outfit)
50 Pounds (Sushi)
60 Pounds ( Shop Spree)

Are you participating in any kinds of weight loss or health goals? 

Friday, March 25, 2011

Toddlers, What not to wear

I admit it ok! I'm one of those mom's that actually cares about what Mack wears. There are certain items of clothing that are just hideous and I will refuse to let my kid out of the house in. 

Are you nodding your head? You know there has been a couple items of clothing bought for you child that you wouldn't be caught dead with them in it? Right!

Ok, I will be the jerk face to admit it. When it comes to my kids clothes I splurge. I've never once bought a single item of clothing from Walmart. Something about the fabrics give me the willies. Have you seen the article about Walmart flip flops eating their feet? Google it. It's nasty. 

Don't get me wrong I'm not too cool for Walmart, I just don't buy clothing for my kid from there. My favortie places to shop for Mack are: Target, Kohls, Old Navy, and Gap. Oh and online for Roxy. They are too stinking cute. 

I'm OCD when it comes to her matching and looking cute. There have been times where Ian has dressed Mack and I've taken her back to her room and have redone her entire outfit. I guess that's just the mom in me. 

Exhibit B. Cheetah/Animal Print
Clothing I think is just not cute for a kid.

* Spandex --> they will never be and never are cute. Period.
Exibit A. Spandex 
* Animal print --> It really depends, but I avoid it with all costs. Last thing I need is my kid looking like she killed a cheetah. 

Levi jeans and skinny jeans on Mack, they just make my heart melt. Dresses with tights and ugg boots.. just too cute for words. 

I might be crazy, but I just want my kid to look cute all the time. 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Vote for me???

I've finally decided to delete my voting buttons for the fence and the top mommy blogs.


When I first started blogging a year ago I noticed that everyone had them on their blog. Ok, not everyone, but it seemed like it at the time. I guess I'm finally over it. I have a bunch of favorite readers on my blog that I think are awesome and I appreciate your comments and support on my blog. 

I don't need a bunch of bloggers to vote for me... cuz I already know my blog is awesome and my readers don't need to vote for me for me to think they are awesome. My followers Rock!

Anyway, it's gone & the stress of how my votes are doing and how many I have is gone & I'm glad. I'm more interested in my blogging and my followers than how many votes I have, because in the end the votes just don't matter.

The Koru

The Koru is a symbol of new life, new growth, harmony & rebirth.

My aunt brought to me from New Zealand and is one of my favorite things in my house.

What is your favorite thing in your house?
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Spring Cleaning... Meh

When I think of Spring Cleaning, I think beyond the surface cleaning. I clean all week, dust, wipe, mop, sweep, polish. blah blah blah...

What I don't do all the time
  • Fill Away Bills/ important paper work
  • Finish project's in craft/guest room
  • Clean out kitchen cabinets and reorganize
This year for spring cleaning I want to do something different. I do all the normal cleaning weekly and a deep clean once a month. Deep cleans usually consist of cleaning the windows, closets and other random stuff you don't need to do weekly.

Things I just want to accomplish... and need to.
  • Fix computer, buy new hard rive and buy windows 7
  • Set up printer.... I haven't done this since we moved last may... gah!
  • Organize scrap booking supplies, create scrap book spot.
  • Buy sewing table and set up sewing machine and organize supplies
  • Print all photos of Mack and 2010. Organize photos in an album and prepare for scrap booking
  • Buy wall shelving and install in guest/craft room
  • Buy storage containers for scrap book, craft and Mack's art supplies. 
I have a few projects I want to get done. Since Tahoe, most of spring consists of snow, I will have plenty of technical spring time to get these projects done. My main focus is the craft and sewing room. 

What projects would you like to get done this spring?
What does your spring cleaning consist of?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mountain Mum's Letter's

Dear Ian: such a great weekend to relax and hang out with the three of us. Mack enjoyed building houses with you with mega tiles. Thanks for dealing with all of the snow removal this winter and especially this weekend. I'm sure Mack says thank you too! Dear Mother Nature: you have made it clear that you are here to stay for awhile, by dumping 3-4 feet of fresh powder to Tahoe on the first day of spring. Flowers, trees blossoming, and green grass I hope are in are near future, and please don't wait to show us these things until May like last year. Dear Mack: I hope you had fun with Mom and Dad this weekend. We played and played all weekend and had some good naps. Must have been the blizzard like conditions outside. I hope you had fun with mom and dad on Saturday night with dinner and video games and then movie night at home. Dear Day Light Savings: I'm so glad that you have come around this year again. It's nice to come and go to work in the sunshine and be able to have a couple hours of light when I get home. I'm glad you are here to stay for a while. 

P.S. My internet at home has been so slow for the last 3 days due to the snow storm we got today and this weekend. Sorry for the late post. 

P.S.S. Happy Spring! What are you doing to prepare yourself for spring? Any spring cleaning ideas? 

Ok one last P.S. stay tuned for my spring cleaning post this week. I want to do a garage sale this year. 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

First day of spring...Not!

First day of spring for Tahoe this year consists of 4-5 feet of fresh snow. Mack and I have been playing all morning. Blocks, play doh, stickers movies and its only 10am. Yikez we have a long day of being inside today.

Hope you have a great first day of spring and happy sunday.

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Friday, March 18, 2011

It finally works ::The Potty::

The battle of the "Potty" is starting to ease from war stage to just a disagreement. Mack has been doing great and has overall been excited about her own accomplishments too. 

I literally tried everything...
* Sticker Chart
* M&M's 
* Bribes 
* Making her sit there until she tried long enough
* Running the water out of the tap in the sink
* Distracting her by singing songs, counting, asking her questions.

I was starting to get frustrated myself. I just never thought that potty training would be so hard. I thought, you start sticking your kid on the pot and then they just get it after a while.I was so wrong. I admit, I didn't do any online research or read a book. I just tried trail and error with Mack and tried to see what made sense for her. Also, being a working parent and not being home with her all day was hard. 

It's finally just started to click with her. She does not like to be wet or have sticky stinky stuff stuck to her butt anymore. 

I basically was teaching her to us the potty from 6pm to 8pm. Between those times it was hard, 2 hours isn't long enough really to get her used to the potty. I've been lucky to have preschool help and ask her all day long and put her in underwear part of the day.

Pull-ups are worthless in my opinion. If you are going to potty train and your child seems like they are ready, then the diapers stop. Don't buy pull-ups in there place, they will just replace diapers in my opinion. That's where I made the mistake. Mack couldn't tell very well when she had to go when she had the pull up on. 

I learned they will have accidents and some times it will be messy. I just carry extra clothes and underwear wherever I go. 

Potty training is tough when you are out and about in public. Some places have bathrooms and some don't. Some are gross to put it mildly. I try and carry the disposable seat covers with me. They are pretty cheap and are life savers. 

I found that if I kept asking her over and over again she would eventually agree. Every night I came home from work, before I'd do anything I changed her in underwear if she came home from preschool in a pull up. She would be in underwear till bedtime. 

Potty training is difficult and challenging. There are some weeks where she acted interested and other weeks where she acted as if she had no idea what the toilet was. 

I feel we are on the home stretch of this potty training business.