Saturday, May 14, 2011

Defined:: Code N2

I picked up Mackenna the other day from preschool & I heard the teacher say Code N2. I was like what the heck, are they teaching our kids military ops or something? I thought to myself...preschool, the opportunity of learning even if it's military codes and operations. Maybe they were playing a game, you know using their imagination, which I have yet to do in the last 10 years.

Anyway, I forgot about it. The next day when I dropped Mack off at school, I heard it again.   Teacher.. "we have another Code N2" it's pretty serious. 

I looked at the teacher, I'm sure it was the most weird and ridiculous look ever & the one you know it just looks ugly, ya that kind. I finally blubbered, what is Code N2? You guys playing a military ops game or something. The teacher looked at me, like what the Fluck, military opps, ya with the kids, I don't think so. 

She told me, that they say it to the other teacher's when a kid poops their pants. Code "Number two!" 

ZOMG! I felt Dumb! No the kids don't play military ops games at school, the teacher's use it when a kid shat's their pants. 

So, yesterday I learned what Code N2 is.