Thursday, May 19, 2011

Road Trip w/Toddler, I must be insane.

Rant:: The fact that airfare is so indecent is making me so annoyed. Two tickets to Seattle, Washington should not cost almost $700 freaking dollars. I'm just sayin.

My sister is graduating college next month. I checked into the airfare, and thought it shouldn't be that much (4 months ago). I was so wrong it was at $600 for me and Mack. I said that's freaking stupid. Being me and thinking I'm smart, or not so smart, waited and checked 2 months later, and the prices went up. So, lame. 

I have to be there for my sister's graduation. She is one of those grudge holding people that will never let you forget and will always remind you. Ya, I don't need anymore grudges, she still has plenty on me. 

I decided Mack and I will be driving. I mean we have driven to L.A. all the time and she is great. L.A. is only 6-7 hours. Ummm, yeah, Washington State is 11-12 hours. I have a Subaru, so we can make it to washington on about $120 bucks in gas each way. I like $240 oppose to $600. So that's, that! We are driving. 

We leave in two weeks now. Yikes! We have a portable DVD player, so I think it will go smoothly. I plan to depart at around 3:00am so that I can get in a solid 4-5 hours of driving in with Mack still asleep, without stopping. That's a plan that may not be a good one. We shall see. Oh, and the better half is staying home for this trip, just me and mack and 854 miles to Washington. 

This drive should be memorable, chaotic, or just down right awesome with my all most 3 year old. 

My tweets should be just hilarious... I'm assuming. 

Ya, I'm just crazy for doing this.