365 Days in Pictures

How do you measure your life. I'm going to be posting a photo a day for the next 365 days to document my day to day life for the next year. Maybe this will help me to take photos more off and not just limit myself to just one. I love photos and love to scrapbook. If you would like to join me, please do. I've already followed Amanda's from Forever Endeavor.

My Favorite Quote:
"A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life."
Charles Darwin 

and this one..

"I love life because what more is there." 
Anthony Hopkins 

Day # 1 November 3,2010 : I thought I would start with a photo of my desk today. 
This is where I spend most of my time during the day at work. Plus,
I represent the Seahawks, even thought I've been in California for the 
last 6 years, I still root for my home team. Go Hawks!

Day #2 November 8, 2010: I got my first red cup of the 2010 Holiday Season.
Egg Nogg Latte. 

Day #3 November 9: A great Mountain Morning. Fresh Snow
on the mountain tops. 

Day #4 November 10th, 2010: We got 2 more inches of snow

Day #7 November 20, 2010 
First foot of snow.

Day #8 November 21st, 2010
Mackenna in the snow day #2. 3 feet of snow.

Day #9 November 22nd, 2010
We baked Sugar Cookies, Mack loved putting
on the sprinkles.
Day #10 November 23rd, 2010
The drive to work

Day #11 November 24th, 2010
1 Degree

Day #12 November 25th, 2010

Day #13 November 26th, 2010
Transition to the Toddler Bed.

Day #14 December 6th, 2010
Christmas Tree 2010 (12 ft tall)

Day #15 December 7th, 2010: House decorated.

Day #16 December 8th, 2010: Mackenna's Photo Shoot

Day #17 December 9th, 2010: 2010 Christmas Card Revealed

Day #18 Decmber 10th,2010: Mack playing nicely in
front the xmas tree.

Day #19 December 15th, 2010: Pink Champagne CupCakes

Day #20 December 16th, 2010: Ice Skating @ NorthStar

Day #21 December 19th, 2010: Jacob's are here from
New Zealand. Play time with my cousin Jade.

Day #22 January 28th, 2010: Mack Swinging in Washington

Day #22 January 9,2010: Mack's first movie -Tangled

Day #23 January 10, 2010: Mack crusin in the truck
with new sunglasses and new book. 

Day #23 January 12, 2010: oatmeal face

Day #24 January 16, 2010: Mack and B picnic

Day #25 January 17, 2010: Mack at the pet store
playing with the mice.

Day #26 January 19, 2010: Sicky Boo!

January 29, 2010 : Mack's first hair cut. 

February 1, 2011: Knitted Booties came in the mail
from great grandma "MorMor"