Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A career in the Army.. My Brother

My brother although a huge pain in my ass most of the time.. ok all of the time, has decided to join the army. Well he decided more than 2 years ago, but he is getting close to enlisting in the next 2-3 months. He took his MSCAT (military) test and he scored a 56. So basically he can have any job in the army he wants and a sign on bonus for his high test score. 


Now, that I think about it I'm going to be the sister of a U.S. Army Soldier.. soon. I remember watching hurt locker or something with my mom and saying " you know when Drae is deployed and over seas I won't be able to watch these war movies anymore." I like war movies, but maybe because no one in my family is currently active in the military or fighting the in the recent wars over the last decade.

I know my brother will be a great soldier and I think it's incredibly selfless to be able to join our "defensive team". Plus he could use the ass kicking from a higher rank. He thought my mom and whoever else in his life was a jerk face, wait till he has a soldier screaming in his face every five seconds. 

Anyway, I'm proud of my lil bro. Even if he is a stubborn and arrogant lil punk. ;)