Thursday, March 31, 2011

I Heart Gmail

There are so many things that you can do with Gmail. I love it. I'm an android and my phone is powered by google. I have currently have the droid X. 

Side note: Love love this phone.

Anyway, I've used write in calendars and white boards in my kitchen. Nothing works for me to remember the hundreds of tasks a day that I need to do, appointments, cleaning schedule, hubs schedule, Mack's, Bills, Birthday's, and last but not least blogging. 

What is the one thing that we rarely forget on a daily basis... yes, the phone.

Having email on phone is awesome and so convenient. So, I thought to myself if my email is so nice to have, then why the heck don't I utilize my google calendar through my email. I me Der!

Gmail offers so many awesome tools with your calendar. You can make several calendars aside from your normal calendar.

These are mine:
* My main calendar
* Cleaning
* Ian
* Mack
* Appointments
* Pay Days
* Bill Due Dates
* Blogging
* Birthday's
* Overtime

These are the things that I need to remember on a day to day basis. I add everything else under my main calendar. The great part about Gmail is that it offers you to make all these different calendars... to your little heart's content and color code them. You can set up reminders and even have a text sent to you if you don't can't get email to your phone or look at your google calendar. 

No more to do list's, planning for the week on post it's. It's all contained in the palm of my hand, and it alerts me by sound, so I never forget a thing.... How great is that. If you haven't used your gmail account to it's full potential, then you have to try it out. 

If you have any questions or need help, please don't hesitate to leave me a comment, or email me @

I work with google powered email through work and my personal, so I'm pretty well rounded with it. 

What do you do keep yourself organized with your to do tasks and such?
Do you keep it on a calendar or write it down?
What works' for you the best?