Friday, March 18, 2011

It finally works ::The Potty::

The battle of the "Potty" is starting to ease from war stage to just a disagreement. Mack has been doing great and has overall been excited about her own accomplishments too. 

I literally tried everything...
* Sticker Chart
* M&M's 
* Bribes 
* Making her sit there until she tried long enough
* Running the water out of the tap in the sink
* Distracting her by singing songs, counting, asking her questions.

I was starting to get frustrated myself. I just never thought that potty training would be so hard. I thought, you start sticking your kid on the pot and then they just get it after a while.I was so wrong. I admit, I didn't do any online research or read a book. I just tried trail and error with Mack and tried to see what made sense for her. Also, being a working parent and not being home with her all day was hard. 

It's finally just started to click with her. She does not like to be wet or have sticky stinky stuff stuck to her butt anymore. 

I basically was teaching her to us the potty from 6pm to 8pm. Between those times it was hard, 2 hours isn't long enough really to get her used to the potty. I've been lucky to have preschool help and ask her all day long and put her in underwear part of the day.

Pull-ups are worthless in my opinion. If you are going to potty train and your child seems like they are ready, then the diapers stop. Don't buy pull-ups in there place, they will just replace diapers in my opinion. That's where I made the mistake. Mack couldn't tell very well when she had to go when she had the pull up on. 

I learned they will have accidents and some times it will be messy. I just carry extra clothes and underwear wherever I go. 

Potty training is tough when you are out and about in public. Some places have bathrooms and some don't. Some are gross to put it mildly. I try and carry the disposable seat covers with me. They are pretty cheap and are life savers. 

I found that if I kept asking her over and over again she would eventually agree. Every night I came home from work, before I'd do anything I changed her in underwear if she came home from preschool in a pull up. She would be in underwear till bedtime. 

Potty training is difficult and challenging. There are some weeks where she acted interested and other weeks where she acted as if she had no idea what the toilet was. 

I feel we are on the home stretch of this potty training business.