Thursday, April 28, 2011

Skills I've gained from being a 3 year old mom.

1. on your free time you nap
2. Food, drool, slime and possible snot is part of your daily wardrobe.
3. You sleep on your spare time
4. Cleaning is considered "your" time
5. It takes you 45 minutes to get milk and bread at the store
6. The cat get's kicked off the bed, because you can't give anymore attention to anyone
7. Your child fart's and you both laugh
8. Poop doesn't really smell the way it used too. More mild
9. You can cook dinner, entertain child, and go through the mail at the same time
10. You know all of the pixar movies by heart

I remember thinking that motherhood wouldn't be that hard, it's instinct right, things will just fall into place. I was sort wrong...

I remember the first cold, I rushed Mack (4 months old) to the ER. I didn't even call the doctor I just took her to the emergency room. She had a high fever and a runny nose. I learned then that babies get sick and to watch them and make sure you nurse lot's and they are peeing and drinking lot's of fluids. I learned from my mistake of rushing Mack to the ER.

Teething, I was in for a surprise. It was a lot of internet research, trial and error and sleepless nights. But I made it.

I never realized that nursing would take so much effort and energy. I was completely drained and tired all the time. I wish I was more prepared for that.

Looking back the last 3 years of all that I've done and accomplished as a mother and learned, it's been an incredible journey. and I always think about doing it again... I must be crazy.