Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Click's, weren't they suppose to stay in high school

Mack has been attending dance class for 2 months now. The kid loves it. I mean loves it. She get's to run around and listen to songs and make loud noises with tap shoes. 

However, I regret going every week. 

I love going to watch Mack dance and learn and grow with the other little chickas at class. It's the mom's that come along with there kids. 

Briefing: Lake Tahoe is a mixture of hippies, normal working middle class people (like myself), and stuck up rich snobs. Some of them only visit their second homes a couple times of year and some of the other ones are the douches that live here full time. 

Ok, back to dance class. Usually I can deal with these people and just think to myself, "why don't you stick it where the sun don't shine" and other times, I can't just brush them off. When people don't even say hi to you or even know your name, might I add, it kind of gets to you. 

My daughter is a lot like me. We are sociable and can make friends pretty much anywhere we go. However, this "clicky group of gals" are too cool for school I guess you could say. They are the prettied up mama's with their coffee in hand more worried about their recent gossip and there next coffee get together's rather than paying attention to their jerk of a kid. 

I thought click's were for high school. I guess some people just don't grow up. 

What really get's me is Mack claps and cheers for their kids and we try and be friendly and we get nothing in return. 

I will continue to put up with doushe bags, because my daughter loves the dance class and I'm not going to make her suffer because I can't remember to realize that they are jerks and nothing will change.