Friday, April 22, 2011

Photo Organizing Project Part 1

Around 8 months ago my computer crashed. Ya hard drive after 18 months on a new computer completely crapped out. Me being dumb I didn't back up any of my photos. I know how stupid of me. It's so simple to do, but me being naive you never think you will loose anything on your computer. Ha. I lossed all of Mack's photos for the first 2 years. Super lame.

However, a friend of mine switched over one of the drivers and ram over to a back up one in the computer I was able to pull off all the photos before my computer took a dump the next day. Super ecstatic. 

I was looking over the photos and I didn't for some reason transfer the delivery photos and the baby shower. poop. I checked out Ian's old myspace page, which he never uses and thank god never deleted. There they were the delivery photos on his page. I quickly snagged them off of his page and I now have 24 photos I didn't think I would ever get back. phew. I mean I sweating bullets and just wanted to cry.

So I now have all my photos on a DVD. There are safe for now. Then I got to thinking my lap top which has been our back up computer for the last year is about 5 years old and I can't believe it is still kicking. literally. So, first order of business is to pull off all my photos from the last 18 months and back them up, before I'm super sad again. You can't get lucky twice in my opinion. 

I have been reading I Heart Organizing blog and Sunny Side up. These ladies/Mama's are pro's I tell you. They have all their books done and photos printed and I Heart Organizing did a month long photo organizing project back in February. 

I thought to myself I must get my act together. 

For the next month, I'm going to be challenging myself to these tasks:

A. Back all photos (1/2 done)
B. Create safe box or filing system for Mack's art work and keep sakes I want to keep and include in her books.
C. Print all digital photos and prepare to do 3 years worth of books. (yikes I'm a slack)
D. Order Amber Higgins book making kit. ( You have to check these out it looks so worth the $52 bucks. 
E. Organize photos into the years and stages of Mack's life.
F. Create Books. 

Seems like a simple and short list, but a lot of work ahead of me. Oh, and I will throw in finishing her baby book while I'm at it. Yikes!

If anyone is in similar shoes or behind in these departments, feel free to link up with me as we try and tackle the ongoing projects of photos. 

I'm so excited to get all of things done and making memory books for Mack to have when she get's older.