Thursday, April 7, 2011

Coffee in silence

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Some Morning's I get to have 20 minutes or so before the peanut wakes up. It's not every morning, but on occasion I get that time. It's nice to have a cup of coffee in silence, write a blog post, read my favo blogs, or just sit in silence and watch the news. To have 20 minutes of silence before the hustle begins in the morning for preschool and work is so nice sometimes. I get to think about the day in peace, maybe write up a post (ahem like now) or catch up on my favorite blogs. Whatever it is I decide to do, it's nice to have that time to myself. The man is off to work already and it's just me and Mack in the morning's. 

Sometimes I wish I could stay at home in my Pj's all day with Mack, but this woman here lives real life I guess and goes to work because I need to. Which is ok, I get the morning routine with Mack and she gets to go to preschool and be with her friends all day. I'm glad I'm a working mom, because she loves going to school and I couldn't imagine keeping her home all day with me. 

Happy Thursday!

P.S. Do you have silence by yourself? What time of day?