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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Isagenix Week #2

First of all I'm sorry for the late post, I've been so stinking busy. 

Things are getting easier and easier and I'm sticking to it. You know when things just click, they just CLICK!! 

I've been going to the gym the last week every week day on my lunch. I would love to enter in on a saturday, but maybe I should make it a non-gym workout day and to a run, long walk with Mack, or soon very soon... swimming. 

Cuz Bra's and Gal's it's getting warm here in Northern California. Finally. 

In a way this week has been tough because I haven't gotten the results on the scale that I wanted and that is ok. Because I've been going to the gym and I regaining muscle, so their are times when the scale with go up and down when you add working out and weights into the mix. Maybe I will hold off on the weights and just do all cardio for the next 2 weeks. Actually, that is what I'm going to do.

Here is the run down Bloggeee's. 

Total Weight loss this week 2.6 Pounds! 

Weight Loss so far: 7.26 pounds
Weight left to loose 52.7 pounds

10 Pounds (April 10th)
20 Pounds (April 20th)
30 Pounds (May 20th)
40 Pounds 
50 Pounds 
60 Pounds (Jump Up N Down! Party)

I'm feeling good and proud of myself. Cheers to week #3.

* Isagenix is a cleanse program targeted to regain natural energy and natural weight loss. The opinions of the product and the results are my own . If you are interested in using the products, please visit. *

Monday, February 7, 2011

Isagenix Week #2

Week #2 on Isagenix went a little something like this:

The days and weeks are getting easier and the cravings for coffee, soda and such have pretty much subsided. Yesterday as we all know was super bowl. I did indulge in two beers and the were delish. I think from cleansing I had a buzz on after two. I also, had a glass of red wine, tri tip, few scoops of dip and that's about it for my cheat day. Pretty happy about yesterday considering all of the temptations. 

So, this week, valentine's day. Since I cheated on Super Bowl, there will be no cheating on Valentine's day. This week I'm going to focus on my lean and green meals for the week and no condiments adding to my dinner's. Also, I'm feeling more energetic and needing less and less sleep at night. 

For Example: I pushed my alarm out to 7:00am instead of 6:00am. I wanted to lay in bed with Mackenna longer, so I just layed and relaxed rather than jumping up, but I could have just jumped out at 6:00am. 

So drum roll please.... 

Weigh in this morning:  - 3 pounds

Weight left too lose: 49.7

1st goal: 10lbs (Reached February 7, 2011) 
2nd goal: 15lbs (Reward to myself: hair cut and new jeans)
3rd goal:  20lbs
4th goal: 30lbs 

Daily Goals:
Gym - once a day 45 minutes minimum 
Water - 8-9 glasses a day. Even if I have to force it. (It's been half and half the last 2 days with chest congestion)
No to: Coffee, soda (includes diet coke), juice. Just water for a week. Phew. I need a miracle. (I cup of coffee this weekend, eeks)

If you are interested in Isagenix please contact me at or check out

** I'm a consultant for the Isagenix products and do make money off sales from Isagenix products.  However, the opinions and information from these products are my own. I only give my opinions and information based off my own experiences of the product. I share my story and my cleanse and weight loss journey for the soul purposes of McFatty Monday's and not only for the sole purpose of sales.  If you are interested in learning more about the products, please contact me. **