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Monday, April 11, 2011

McFatty Monday: Isagenix Week #3

Weight loss is one of those things that just takes work. I recently, meaning last Thursday, had my IUD removed. I think this was one of the many contributors to not being able to loose that much weight and only pounds at a time. Ever since I've had it removed I feel so much better physically and emotionally. However, I've been more tired then normal the last 4 days and kinda in la la land sort to speak.

It's amazing how messed up your body gets when hormones are taken away. I feel just odd a little bit the last few days but that is ok.

Also, this week I've felt inspired. I have two favorite McFatty Post blogs I love to read. 

The Heir to Blair - Blair is so honest about herself and her Journey. Love, Love her.

Mom-Nom - Tiffany has been on a system called Medifast for 14 weeks and has almost lost 50 pounds! She is truly an inspiration and OMGeeee she is looking good ladies. Pop on over to her blog and see how she is doing it. 

Weight loss to Date 8.4 pounds

Weight left to loose 56.6 pounds left

Set backs for me this week are getting my IUD pulled feeling out of whack and my emotions all over the place. My stomach has been bloated and uncomfortable since last Thursday. 

However, I visited the gym this week 3 times. I trained on the elipitcal and treadmill at the gym and an extra run after dinner one night a mile and half. 

This week I burned 1,300 calories from 3 days at the gym and a 1.5 mile run. 

I'm so pumped this week and cannot wait until next week. I'm planning on hitting the gym 5 days this week. 

Monday, February 28, 2011

McFatty Monday - Do Over

Repeat of Week #3....

Usually life is busy like all the time. Especially when you have a toddler that goes 100 miles a minute, writes on walls (yes, a new thing), and tests you every minute. Life shouldn't get in the way of my health goals, it should all encompass itself. Anyway, last week was a train wreck and I failed miserably. 

Work... I work a job that requires lot's of overtime. I'm not complaining, but 12 hours a day in front of a computer processing and analyzing data can be rough for more than a week. Last week we had a big volume push where we all had to buckle down and contribute some significant overtime hours. I'm not complaining, because money is money right. I love my job and I'm glad I have one. 

From a health stand point, those weeks and overtime hours are hard. I mean hard. I cracked and crumbled. I was drinking endless cups of coffee... and the devil itself and my weakest encounter.. the can of Red Bull. We don't need to go into details on how much red bull I drank last week. Ok, if you must know.... around like 8 or 9 cans last week. I'm not talking the small can's either. Some days they were 16 ounces and other's 12 ounces.  

And guess what I felt like shit. I had the shakes, stomach aches, and flat out just tired and couldn't even function or talk. There are several alternatives to fuel my body, but hey red bull on the way to work seem so much more easier. and it was. 

We have more overtime this week, and I can't do that again. 

I minor hicup in my success.. but I'm moving forward and starting over. New goals. 

Weight to Loose: 60 pounds

Weight left: 59 pounds

* I actually lost a pound.. meh! *


10 Pounds by March 10th, 2011

20 pounds: (March 25th, 2011) Reward: Hair cut and color

30 Pounds (New outfit for summer)

Ok, I really need your help and support this week to help myself overcome the red bull and coffee while I'm working like a bee this week. Please link up with me if you would like to journey with me. 

* Isagenix is a cleanse program targeted to regain natural energy and natural weight loss. The opinions of the product and the results are my own . If you are interested in using the products, please visit.