Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Weight Loss Challenge: Father Vs. Daughter

I was talking to my dad last night... catching up since I think he only calls me like once or
twice a week... ;) 
So, I was talk to my Dad and he said that he was "Fat" 
Oh Jeez, I know the feeling... I'm trying myself to get myself back into shape
and hopefully my ultimate goal is to get back down to my high school weight. :)
We shall see how that goes.

Here's how the challenge started...
I basically told my dad that he needs to be down here for Mackenna's 2nd birthday 
because he is slacking in the grandpa department. So, he told me that he was going 
back on the Adkins diet. My dad has always been successful on this diet, because all
he usually eats is meat and salad. My dad isn't huge on sweets, but he will jump after anything

The Challenge.....

So, my dad said that he can loose more weight than me by the time he comes down for
Mackenna's Birthday at the end of July. Seems like a reasonable amount of time. 

I'm pulling the no fair card already after I've been thinking about it. 
MEN! always loose more weight and faster than woman. 
I'm really going to have to get on top of my game, so I can kick my dad's butt.
Side note: My family is very competitive and no one likes to loose at anything.

So, the Challenge starts today in my opinion. The sooner the better.
Wish me luck and I will reveal the winner in about a month. 


  1. I'm competitive to the point my husband refuses to play board games with me, lol. following u from MBC! Visit to return the favor.

  2. Love the lay out of your blog. New follower from MBC.

  3. Hiya! Following you from mombloggersclub. Good luck with the challenge. I've always struggled with my weight so I know how difficult it can be!

  4. Good luck with your challenge!!!

    I'm following you from MBC. :)


  5. Thanks GumDropSwap! I'm now a follower of your blog and on twitter. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Thanks all for your thoughts, words of encouragement. I plan on kicking my dad's booty.

    Also, a huge thanks for all of you for following my blog. I have returned the favor and now a follower of all of you that left me your blog URL's.

    Much love to all the mommies,

  7. OOOh that is a good way to do it. It's a nice short amount of time. Especially if you all are competitive. Sounds like fun! I am your newest follower from MBC. You can visit me at