Friday, June 18, 2010

Fat Friday #3

I'm on the 3rd day in the challenge with my dad. Which is who can loose more 
weight by the time he comes to visit me next month.

So far so good, down 8 pounds. Weeee!
My Dad should be sacred!!

Ian is off to go out for the bachelor party tonight for Tyson and Autumn's wedding.
They have a presidential sweet at the Grand Sierra Resort. Drinking, strippers, and the list goes on :)

Tonight I'm going to hang with autumn at my house and have a girls night of watching Sex in the city 
and making tequila and squirt drinks, and pizza. Ahhh, sounds delightful on a friday evening. 

This weekend is father's day. 
This will be Ian's 2nd Father's Day.
He is a great Dad to Mackenna and we are both lucky to have him.

What are your plans for Father's Day?
Any Father's Day gift Idea's?


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