Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mackenna's New Doll and Monday Weekly Meal Plan

Yes it's true when they say once you have children the parcels in the mail stop coming for you!
It's so true, Mackenna Jane get's more mail than I have in my whole life. 
Ok, that is not true ;) She is sooooooo... spoiled. 

MorMor sent Mackenna a new doll. You can zip up her shirt, button, Velcro, tie shoes. 
Mackenna loves it. 
(MorMor) - is my grandma and the MorMor is the Norwegian name for Grandma. 
She is Mackenna's Great Grandmother.

Mackenna has only had this since Friday and the poor thing probably could stand 
a cycle in the washer machine. She drags it behind her thinking that the doll is walking
with her, but the poor doll is just getting dragged. Last night she insisted that
the doll went with her in the crib. Usually it's her $5 monkey from a gas station that says "I love California"
This is a good story actually...

About a year ago, my mom moved from Lake Tahoe, CA to Los Angeles. 
Well, (Thousand Oaks to be exact)
My mom left a day before me with Mackenna to drive down there. 
They stopped for Gas and my mom bought Mackenna this Red Monkey that has ("I Love California").
Mackenna to this day drags this thing everywhere and love's her Monkey.
She can even now say "Monkey" ... Pretty cute.
Anyway, her monkey has been in the washer machine at least 20 times in the last year.
So, I was super surprised when the monkey was on the floor and her new doll was in her bed wit her.
So, Kudos to MorMor good choice.

Since I was so busy with trying to win and post about the:
Happy House Wife Design Giveaway
I forgot to post my Monday Meal Plan for the week... Sorry!
By the way, if you are interested in an awesome blog design check out 


She does the best designs and I really like her work. If I don't win I'm going to have her design
a blog design for me anyway because she is having a huge sale.

Ok, and now for the Meal Plan

Monday Weekly Meal Plan

Monday: Italian Sausages, Green Beens and
Red Roaster Potatoes. (last night)

Tuesday: Frozen Pizza
(I know boring, Softball Night)

Wednesday: BBQ Chicken and Salad

Thursday:  BLTA's with Salad
(BLT's with the avocado)

Friday: Cheese Burgers Marinated in Teriyaki Sauce
with Pineapple and Hawaiian bread buns

Saturday: Left Over's or whatever you can find :)

Sunday: Cheesy Chicken and Rice Dish with Corn

Have a good Tuesday!!!

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