Friday, June 4, 2010

Fat Friday's... Cleanse Day #1

Fat Friday's!

So, I'm starting another cleanse today. I'm going to do another 30 day cleanse. I lost 14lbs and 11 inches my first cleanse a month or so ago. However, I'm pretty excited because I only gained back 2 of those pounds I lost. Which I thought to myself that Isagenix really does work.

Here's my Story:
I'm a like every other mom out there that needs to loose baby weight. Mackenna is almost two and I still need to get back to the old me and get myself back in shape. My ultimate goal is to get healthy again and wear my post baby clothes. I started Isagenix in January of 2010. I did a 30 day cleanse and lost 14 lbs and 11 inches in my first 30 days, with little to know exercise. I'm a full time working mom and I go to school full time so getting back to my post baby body has been tough due to the little to NO TIME I have. 

Now let's be honest.... before I started Isagenix I was drinking 2 16oz Red Bulls a day. MINIMUM! I know that is just silly. You could say that I was very dependent on Red Bull for energy, well in all actuality I needed to get even through the day. I work on average at least 50 hours a week and after a week of doing the cleanse I felt amazing. I didn't need coffee or Red Bull. It wasn't just about loosing weight and cleansing , it's a life style change as well and it creates good habits of eating healthy.

I was so excited about my results that I got my aunt Dee started on the products and she lost 28 lbs in less than 3 months. She too feels amazing.

Now I know what you are thinking... CLEANSE!!?! Does that mean I will poop my pants. :) I thought the very same thing and you go regularly like you always have been. 

I wanted to share this with all of other mom's that are struggling to get back to their post baby bodies. I have tried all sorts of things, dieting myself, working out and eating some what more healthy, nutrisystem. I failed at everyone of them. I stated Isagenix and I acutally saved $200 bucks my first two weeks because I wasn't going to lunch and spending $7-8 dollars a day on Red Bull. 

If you are interested in anymore details and want to learn more about Isagenix 
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