Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend....Moving, Unpacking, Settling, BBQ!

So, this 4 day weekend was kind of a blur. It was a lot of tough work, but we made it through 
and finished the move.

My mom and I primed my new office with a primer grey paint due to the very exotic blue, red and yellow colors from the prior owners. Let's just say I now understand why most landlords do not want you painting their houses. haha! Not all of us have the same tastes. Oh ok, back to what I did Friday. So I started painting on Friday all day, the color I wanted finally after the primer had set and dried. I painted it a sage green it looks awesome. While I was painting I waited for the DirecTV guy, internet and the gas company. It was actually amazing, because we were only without internet for 5 hours during the transition of our service from the old place to the new place. I know, I know get REAL right!?! Hey, internet is the life line for all of us in this fine 21st century. Maybe it was just me BUT I was relieved that it was all set up. Anyhow it was my grandpa's birthday and I was running down to the wire of getting down to Reno for dinner. The DirecTv were holding me up. So, long story short I get down to Reno with no shower and paint in my hair, but I made it RIGHT!?!

Today was the big move. I finished packing everything in the morning and finished all the laundry before we moved, which was awesome! We got everything out of the old place within a few hours. Thanks to the help of Chris, Justin, Ian and Tyson. It really amazes me how motivating beer is to men to get anything done. :) They did a great job and they ROCK! So, I went over to the new place once the last load was loaded. It took 3 trucks, including our beat of a truck, and my little subi to get the rest of our JUNK, I mean stuff to the new place. I bet everyone is wondering how the heck we did all of this and still managed to keep our eye on Mackenna. Well, I'm just that good and SUPER WOMAN! No, not really. Ian's mom came to pick her up that morning to go to her place, which was a huge help because we got everything done in one day! After everyone had left I went into complete unpacking mode and got the place unpacked by midnight on Saturday night. Although, we did take a hour and half break for dinner and a beer at the Blue Coyote. The best beer in my life. :) By midnight I was completely tired. 

Ian and I slept in till 8:30 which is pretty late for us considering Mackenna wakes up around 6AM these days.  Ian headed down to pick up Mackenna to bring her home to the new place all set up. I headed over to the old place to clean up and get everything in order. The rest of the day we hung out with Mackenna and unpacked some more things and ate dinner at the new place. Mackenna loves her new room she played in there for 2 hours all by herself. Reason 1,000,0000 why I'm excited not to have a 2 story place anymore. Went to bed pretty early this night. 

Got up and headed over to the old place to get the stuff left behind and take the ending dump run. We really did part with a lot of junk, which in the end was nice. Then later, some friends and Ian's dad and my brother came over and we had beer up the butt chicken, ribs, garlic bread, corn on the cobb and salad. Ya....... it was a feast. :) ...........and oh poo! I have to go to bed early and get up at 5am for work. Oh well only 4 days of work this week. 

Hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoyed themselves.
Again I would like to thank anyone that serves our country in keeping us save and protected. 
You are all Heroes to me!
Plus the U S of A Rocks!

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