Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thankful Thursday - Grilled Cheese & Twilight

Yesterday I was feeling way under the weather. I went home from work early due to some barfing and such. As soon as I got home from work I hugged the porcelain god and was feeling pretty ok. I went to lay on the couch and watched Matilda! I haven't seen that movie in years. 

Ian and Mackenna got home a couple of hours later. Mackenna and I snuggled on the couch for a bit, while daddy started a fire, ran to the store for 7up for me, and cooked grilled cheese and tomato soup. I ate the tomato soup and grilled cheese because I was so hungry. 

I'm so thankful Ian made dinner last night and even let me watch twilight, even though he cannot stand any of that crap and thinks it's lame. 

I'm also thankful he made dinner even though I barfed it up not long after. I felt so crappy not long after that I went to take a hot shower and then passed out in bed. 

Also, Mackenna played in her room quietly and in the living room. She must of known her mama wasn't feeling well, because I got cuddles and a happy nice girl last night. 

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Family Photo Shoot

A couple of weekends ago we had some family photos taken on Lake Tahoe for our Christmas Cards. Every thing was going pretty well that day. Mack fell asleep on the way over and I thought perfect she should be fine when we get there. She was so crabby the entire time and only wanted to sit with me and have me hold her. So, with a bunch of patience from my friend Cody that took them and 12 or so good photos, we successfully finished and here is what we got... 

Which one would you choose for your Christmas Card?

Monday, December 6, 2010

Baby Fever

Every time I hear someone is pregnant around me my heart melts. I think about the Mack when she was little, and I miss it. I would love to get pregnant again, but then I really start to think...

* How the hell do people afford to kids in daycare
* I can't be a stay at home mom financially

The biggest deal breaker for me is the cost of childcare. I can't even think to imagine the paying upwards of $1500 a month in childcare. It makes me sad, because Mack is cruising up on her 2 1/2 year mark and no real plans to get pregnant right now.

Financial responsibilities... stupid ones

* Snowmobile
* Truck
* My Subaru
* Credit Card debt

All of these things have to be taken care of and paid down quite a bit before I can venture into the pregnancy land again. For now, my goalie remains in front of the goal. (IUD)

I want Mack to have a sibling she can grow up with and play with. I kinda also just want to get it over with.. no prolong it anymore than I already have.

When it is time, I guess I will be able to get pregnant again. But, for now, the biggest new years resolutions I have is.... minimize and become debt free. Sounds easy right.. ha not. 

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

Weekends come and go so quickly it seems like. You get home on a friday night and a blink of the eye is monday morning. What the eff?

First of all Friday was my brother's 18th birthday. We watched movies and ate pizza and even gave him a beer. A christmas brew. I went to bed early and woke up the next morning with no intention of doing much and then all of sudden my brother and I are pulling in christmas boxes to the house from the garage. 

And then.... a christmas bomb went off in my kitchen and living room. My mom started putting things up and then we moved to the kitchen and starting dusting and cleaning the pop window in my kitchen. Oh, and then let's clean the blinds, and pull the coverings off the light fixtures and dust and clean them. It started to get a little crazy, but it looks real good now. 

Sunday, we went to go and get the xmas tree. We have high vaulted ceilings in our house in the living space, so we got a 12 FOOT TREE! It's a bit ridiculous, but I love it. I had to use a tall barstool to decorate most of it. Mackenna handed me ornaments and watched Christmas movies on the couch. 

Here is the final product. Kind of a bad photo. (Disclossure, I don't have the world's crappiest camera, I just use my droid phone a lot. It's so handy not too.) 

Friday, December 3, 2010

McFatty Friday

It's been a month and I'm still going to the gym and trying to get this bod back of mine. It's been in hiding the last few years and I'm ready to bring it back out to the world. Hard work is going to get me there.

I go to the gym almost everyday for the last month and a half. I'm going to start going on saturday morning's and boost it up to 6 days a week. 

Here is a routine that I'm trying to stick with. 

Monday: Cardio + Toning
• 5 minute Warm up on treadmill
• 10 minute Jog on treadmill
• 5 minute Cool down
• 3 sets Lat pulldowns
• 3 sets Bicep curls
• 3 sets Triceps pushdowns with rope
• 3 sets Dumbbell front raises
Tuesday:  Just Cardio
Wednesday: Cardio + Core
• 5 minute warm up
• 3 sets Crunches on stability ball
• 3 sets Plank
• 3 sets Bent knee hip raises
• 10 minute  treadmill
• 5 minute Cool down
Thursday: Just Cardio
Friday: Cardio + Lower Body
• 5 minute Warm up on treadmill
• 3 sets Stability ball squats
• 3 sets Forward lunges
• 3 sets Lying Abduction
• 3 sets Lying leg curls
• 10 minute Jog on treadmill
• 5 minute Cool down
Saturday: 30 minutes Brisk walk
Sunday: Off

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thankful Thursday: Ian and Texting

Ian has never been much of Texter. It drives me crazy. Sometime's I just wish that he would text me then just calling me for 20 seconds. That would never happen. 

It used to be the same answer over and over again. Ya, no, ok.

Boring right?!?

Since Mackenna has been going to preschool, I drop off and he picks up. Simple. However, I now get texts from Ian at least once a day... and they are actually a full sentence. What the?? Did I die and got to texting heaven?

I know this sounds kinda stupid, that I would be so thankful that I get texts from him. I may not get mushy text messages that say I love you I need you oh baby, oh baby. But, I do get text messages like..

what's for din din?
Is Mack at School?
Where are you?

I can text back 5 things and most the time I will just get a ya or ok! Lame right! I wish sometimes I would get love texts or just anything. That is just not Ian's style and I will just have to deal with it. 

Anyway, he has gotten better at it and I'm thankful for that. He doesn't like to text. I sometimes don't like to call, I'd rather text. 

Does your hubs text you more than a word?

By the way, I don't mean to throw this in here, but I do. The droid X
is the best phone ever. I love it and I'm in love. Take that Iphone users!

86. Egg nog lattes
87. Snow 
88. Christmas Music
89. Smell of Christmas tree
90. Xmas decorations
91. Peppermint mocha's
92. Baking
93. My sweet little family

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The official countdown...

1 Day until noel nights at northstar. Santa, starbucks and Sushi. 

3 Days until we go out and get our christmas tree and decorate

3 Days until Ian's Christmas party for work

18 Days until my christmas party for work: at the Ritz Carlton @ lake tahoe

19 Days until my aunt, uncle and cousin are here from New Zealand: We have plenty of snow and I can't wait to kick off the holiday's when they arrive and see my mom ball her eyes out. 

24 Days until Christmas Eve: Rum, egg nog and more Rum. And... I have 10 days off of work. 

25 Days until Christmas: Presents, and maybe bailey's and coffee and maybe a snowmobile ride on that day. Or be lazy and hang out and stuff our faces in pajamas all day. Either or I am cool with

27 Days until Seattle: Going to see grandparents, aunty's and uncle's in the northwest. Also, I want to catch up with a handful of friends as well. Mackenna and I are going alone, daddy is staying behind and Mackenna get's to go on the plane and not have to sit on my mommy's lap the entire time. Ya my 2 year old's ticket was the same amount as mine. Boo! 

I love this time of year. To get that cute beanie on and scraf hit the stores for christmas food, crafts and present shopping. Starbucks red cups and endless christmas music.

What do you have to look forward to this month?