Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The official countdown...

1 Day until noel nights at northstar. Santa, starbucks and Sushi. 

3 Days until we go out and get our christmas tree and decorate

3 Days until Ian's Christmas party for work

18 Days until my christmas party for work: at the Ritz Carlton @ lake tahoe

19 Days until my aunt, uncle and cousin are here from New Zealand: We have plenty of snow and I can't wait to kick off the holiday's when they arrive and see my mom ball her eyes out. 

24 Days until Christmas Eve: Rum, egg nog and more Rum. And... I have 10 days off of work. 

25 Days until Christmas: Presents, and maybe bailey's and coffee and maybe a snowmobile ride on that day. Or be lazy and hang out and stuff our faces in pajamas all day. Either or I am cool with

27 Days until Seattle: Going to see grandparents, aunty's and uncle's in the northwest. Also, I want to catch up with a handful of friends as well. Mackenna and I are going alone, daddy is staying behind and Mackenna get's to go on the plane and not have to sit on my mommy's lap the entire time. Ya my 2 year old's ticket was the same amount as mine. Boo! 

I love this time of year. To get that cute beanie on and scraf hit the stores for christmas food, crafts and present shopping. Starbucks red cups and endless christmas music.

What do you have to look forward to this month?