Monday, December 13, 2010

I'm a mom...

Children change you, sometimes you know it and sometimes you have to think about it to understand it. I never was much of a napper, now I love them and must take one when Mack does. Although, I don't always get dressed up anymore and I dress more mommyish and I sing and dance in public, these changes I wouldn't change. My life is more meaningful, fun and full now that I have Mack in it. 

This is why I know I'm a mom...

1. I find crackers in my pockets, car, floor. 
2. I've caught poop in my hands before.
3. I've almost filled out my bills with a twistable crayon
4. I take longer shower's just to have a little more time to myself
5. I go to bed around the same time as my daughter so we get the same 8-9 hours of sleep. 
6. I plan get togethers, shopping trips and events around nap time. 
7. I can sing all of the songs on sesame street
8. I can recite Cars, Nemo, Monster's and Toy Stories by heart
9. I've gotten dress so fast that I've left the house with no underwear on
10. I've dragged Bert by the head on the street on the way to work. His feet were caught in the door.
11. I use wipes for everything. wiping my own face and hands and cleaning with them. 
12. I take naps too and enjoy them
13. I pumped on my lunch and on breaks at work for 8 months
14. I've had to change my clothes just as much as my child
15. I find coloring and painting more fun then other things.
16. I've sniffed my kids butt in public
17. I sing in the grocery store with my child
18. I have random conversations about my child or kids in general with complete strangers
19. I kiss boo's boo's even if I know they aren't there
20. I wipe noses
21. I can cook macaroni and cheese with my eyes closed
22. I dance to music in the house with my child
23. My purse now consists of butt paste, wipes spear underwear, tilty cup and crayons and paper.
24. I will sing and dance in the car with Mack on the way to preschool
25. I eat or drink my breakfast in the car

What makes you a mom?