Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thankful Thursday: Ian and Texting

Ian has never been much of Texter. It drives me crazy. Sometime's I just wish that he would text me then just calling me for 20 seconds. That would never happen. 

It used to be the same answer over and over again. Ya, no, ok.

Boring right?!?

Since Mackenna has been going to preschool, I drop off and he picks up. Simple. However, I now get texts from Ian at least once a day... and they are actually a full sentence. What the?? Did I die and got to texting heaven?

I know this sounds kinda stupid, that I would be so thankful that I get texts from him. I may not get mushy text messages that say I love you I need you oh baby, oh baby. But, I do get text messages like..

what's for din din?
Is Mack at School?
Where are you?

I can text back 5 things and most the time I will just get a ya or ok! Lame right! I wish sometimes I would get love texts or just anything. That is just not Ian's style and I will just have to deal with it. 

Anyway, he has gotten better at it and I'm thankful for that. He doesn't like to text. I sometimes don't like to call, I'd rather text. 

Does your hubs text you more than a word?

By the way, I don't mean to throw this in here, but I do. The droid X
is the best phone ever. I love it and I'm in love. Take that Iphone users!

86. Egg nog lattes
87. Snow 
88. Christmas Music
89. Smell of Christmas tree
90. Xmas decorations
91. Peppermint mocha's
92. Baking
93. My sweet little family