Friday, December 10, 2010

McFatty Friday - Slacker

This week I didn't do so well at the gym. I only went twice. I know what a frackn slacker right. Do you want to hear my excuses... or not? 

1. I was sick to my stomach Wednesday and Thursday... I mean so sick I barfed like crazy on thursday and actually went home sick.

2. I've been cleaning at home like made for anticipation of my aunt and uncle's arrival to America next weekend. 

3. Ok, my office and craft room, that I have yet to do anything with since we moved into our new house in May 2010. Ya, well let's just say that I'm going to be working on it this weekend. If I'm brave enough I will share photos on Monday or maybe even tomorrow if I finish.

4. Overtime. I don't think I need to really explain, but we are slammed at work so I've been taking half hour lunches this week to push some volume out. So, half hour lunches means this cow can't go to the gym.

On a lighter note, I've only really consumed ginger ale the last 48 hours, so maybe it's ok that I haven't gone to the gym. After being so sick like that I have no motivation to go to the gym until at least next week. 

I feel like the month of November and December and going to the gym everyday is preventing from becoming a hippo in these months. All I want to do is bake cookies, cakes and pies and eat soups, breads and pasta. You know comfort food when it's cold and icky out. I will be glad when it's new years, then I will give up food until next year. Not quite but pretty much. 

How do you say no to sweets this time of year?
It's impossible and I just can't is my answer.