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Monday, December 6, 2010

Baby Fever

Every time I hear someone is pregnant around me my heart melts. I think about the Mack when she was little, and I miss it. I would love to get pregnant again, but then I really start to think...

* How the hell do people afford to kids in daycare
* I can't be a stay at home mom financially

The biggest deal breaker for me is the cost of childcare. I can't even think to imagine the paying upwards of $1500 a month in childcare. It makes me sad, because Mack is cruising up on her 2 1/2 year mark and no real plans to get pregnant right now.

Financial responsibilities... stupid ones

* Snowmobile
* Truck
* My Subaru
* Credit Card debt

All of these things have to be taken care of and paid down quite a bit before I can venture into the pregnancy land again. For now, my goalie remains in front of the goal. (IUD)

I want Mack to have a sibling she can grow up with and play with. I kinda also just want to get it over with.. no prolong it anymore than I already have.

When it is time, I guess I will be able to get pregnant again. But, for now, the biggest new years resolutions I have is.... minimize and become debt free. Sounds easy right.. ha not.