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Monday, January 31, 2011

Isagenix Week #1

Week #1 on Isagenix went a little something like this:

I've done this system before and I think the other times I wasn't as serious as I am now. I'm drinking water and peeing 9 times a day, maybe even more. I've decided to have a shake in the morning and for lunch so I can have my lean meal at home for dinner. Sometimes this has happened and other days not. It was my Birthday this last weekend (1/29) I did have ice cream cake and mashed potatoes. Oh well, shoot me. Also, I've been sick since sunday morning, so I've been drinking tea and cough drops and soups and no shakes for two days. I guess that's just what happens when you get sick. 

I'm not falling off the bandwagon I'm still motivated and once I get this gunk out of my chest I will be back to it full time and at it. This week I'm going to be going back to the gym, hopefully 6 days a week. I go on my lunch so I don't have the temptation of going home and not removing myself from the house. 

Like I said the shakes are amazing and the cleanse days are tough. Luckily only once a week. I choose to do them on a sunday, so I'm not killing myself at work and can relax or do something else to preoccupy my time with.

Weigh in this morning:  -7.3 pounds

Weight left too lose: 52.7

1st goal: January 30th - 10lbs Not Reached I'm down 7.3 lbs Not loosing hope. Hope to kick this cold.
2nd goal February 15th - 15lbs (Reward to myself: hair cut and new jeans)
3rd goal February 28th - 20lbs
4th goal March 15th - 30lbs

Daily Goals:
Gym - once a day 45 minutes minimum (Starting again this week)
Water - 8-9 glasses a day. Even if I have to force it. (It's been half and half the last 2 days with chest congestion)
No to: Coffee, soda (includes diet coke), juice. Just water for a week. Phew. I need a miracle. (I cup of coffee this weekend, eeks)

Once I get over this cold I will be going at it again and hardcore. I start the gym at the end of this week due to waiting to get this crap out of my chest.

If you are interested in Isagenix please contact me at or check out

** I'm a consultant for the Isagenix products and do make money off sales from Isagenix products.  However, the opinions and information from these products are my own. I only give my opinions and information based off my own experiences of the product. I share my story and my cleanse and weight loss journey for the soul purposes of McFatty Monday's and not only for the sole purpose of sales.  If you are interested in learning more about the products, please contact me. ** 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Isagenix Day #3

Shakes are scrumptiously delish. I jazzed mine up a little this morning by adding a little banana and a dash of blue berries.

Weigh in at 3 days: 2.5 lbs 
I'm craving water as we speak. Giving up coffee is ok, since the first thing when I wake up I want to chugg water. 

Isagenix Schedule

6:00am: Glass of water

6:45am - Make shake. You can use a blender ball cup or a blender. In the morning I use the blender and add banana or peanut butter. 

8:00am: glass of water

8:30am: Take natural accelerator pill

9:00: Ionix supreme (1 scoop added to water, part of the cleanse program) It's yummy to me and tastes like fruit juice.

9:30: Snack - 6 raw almonds, apple, berries, Slim cake (from Isagenix), 2 isagenix snacks (chocolate waffers)

Lunch 1:00: Shake or I trade and have my 400 calorie lean meal at this time and shake for dinner.
1 glass of water

2:00 Glass of water

3:00: Snack - Snack - 6 raw almonds, apple, berries, Slim cake (from Isagenix), 2 isagenix snacks (chocolate waffers) Glass of water

4:00 Glass of water

5:00 - Head home. Chugg rest of water, or have a lil snack in the car

6:00 -7:00ish Dinner - 400 calorie lean meal veggies and protein or shake

9:00pm: 2 isa flush pills and more water bed!

Not much to it. No thinking involved. The most I need to think about is my 2 snacks and if I'm having lunch or dinner or shakes.