Thursday, July 22, 2010

Twitter.. Smacked me in the face.

Sometimes I live blindly in my life and forget that sometimes we live in cruel world. I've really enjoyed blogging since I started a couple of months ago and I've met so many awesome and amazing woman/mother's out there. I started a twitter account a little bit ago to what all the hype was about, because I didn't really see the point having a Facebook in all. Let me give you my story why I've lost faith in people for a brief moment yesterday and how this world can very cruel to you because of what you believe in and what you think is right. 


Yesterday, someone tweeted about when to start real milk and transitioning from formula. I tweeted a reply and stated that I see a homeopathic doctor for my daughter and she told me that I could start milk anytime I wanted and to ease it in slowly and see how she likes it. 

That's all I said to this person...

Don't worry it wasn't her that said anything to me. Then I got a reply to that tweet to me saying: if you take your daughter to a homeopathic Doctor, that must mean you haven't vaccinated. Right?

I though for minute, maybe she is just curious. I replied back and stated, that no at this time I haven't vaccinated my child. She then came back to me and said well I hope you child doesn't die based on your irresponsibilities as a parent and good luck. 

I was shocked, my blood was boiling inside me. I would never judge another
person based on their decisions as a parent. How can someone say something so cruel and nasty to another. I've never even met this person she tweeted me out of nowhere. I finally got the courage and asked if she had children. To my surprise, she told me no. I told her that I think it's best to leave me alone because I'm an actual parent and making the best decision I can for my daughter. I also, told her that her opinions could change once she had a living, breathing thing to care for.

I was so heated, I left and went on a walk and came back to another tweet from someone else that I've
never spoke to before joining in on the conversation. 

This was her tweet to me: 
I wonder if antivax is genetic? Cause when your kids die of a preventable disease, at least the gene will be out of the pool.

I looked up this person's profile and she happened to be only 15 years old. 
By this point I was done and logged off twitter for most of the day.

I'm not the mom of the year, and I'm not perfect by any means. However, I don't think anything is worse then being challenged on what you think is right as a parent to your own child. I'm already feeling a little better after sharing this with you, but still can't believe what happened yesterday.

Thankful for the followers I do have and your great comments.