Saturday, July 10, 2010

Evil Step-mothers, or are they?

After my parents separation when I was about 5 years old, my dad starting seeing my step-mom Tina. During my mom and dad's separation my dad moved to my grandpa's up the street, and we lived with my mom for awhile. After what seemed forever the divorce seemed final and my sister and I went to stay with my dad and Tina every other weekend. 

Tina was like a second mom for me. She always treated us as if we were here own. This doesn't sound like a evil step mom does it? Tina was a never a evil step mom, she loved and cared for us like any other child. Tina was in our lives for quite some time from 5 to the start of junior high. My dad and her decided to live in different places for awhile around when I was in 7th grade. 

We did so much together with our step mom growing up in those years. She got us really going into sports, soccer, baseball, and basketball. We did a lot of camping and outdoors adventures. One story I remember the most. Oh man there are a couple. I will just tell you a couple of quick ones.

Ocean Shores:
We went to ocean shores, Washington to go camping and such and I went out to Tina's car to get some games
and bring them inside and then it was soon discovered that I locked the keys in the car in the middle of 
know where. 

Mountains and River:
I was probably around 9 or 10 and we went camping around Mt. Rainer in Washington and
we went down to the river one day, because I remember it being a pretty nice day. This was no 
calm river and I remember it being raging. I decided to swing on a dead branch over the river and....
SNAP! There I went plunging into the river. Tina jumped in and save me and made me go back into the water right after. 

Several time outs, melted crayons on her back seat, fights with my sister Tina wasn't the normal evil stepmom
we did lots together. I thankful for Tina in my life. 

Sorry about this photo Tina! :)