Friday, July 2, 2010

Fat Friday.. Progress Report

Progress Report.. 

So I've finally approved Fat Friday #4. I've been going strong for the last 2 weeks since I talked about the father daughter weight loss challenge. Well today marks day # 14 of the weight loss challenge and I'm down 10lbs. 


I've been on this product called Isagenix. 

You will get great results. I started Isagenix in January 2010. I lost 13 lbs and 14 inches off my body in just 13 days. My aunt who did a 60 day cleanse lost 14 lbs and 18 inches in the first 2 weeks of the product and is about to order her 2nd 30 day cleanse to reach her health goal of 30lbs. My friend gabe, and fellow mentor for the product, got down to his high school weight in 9 days and his mom down to her lowest weight since she was pregnant 20 years ago with her first child in just 9 days.
If you are ready to obtain you desired health goal and or restore your natural energy, please contact me either by email or phone. Also, I would like to get you in contact with a cleanse coach. His name is Gabe Gannam and he will make sure that you are set up for success. What is your contact phone number? What is the best times of the day for you so he can call and go over packages and products and make sure that you are know all there is needed to know about the products?

Email:    Cell: 530.414.4155

Please take a moment to watch the movie links below. 

Are you Toxic?

Transform your life..

Lastly, this is Susan Sly's site, who is a cleanse coach that I am working with directly. She's a wife and mother of 4, who makes 1.2 Million a year in Isagenix. She has written 5 books, been feautured on television and numerous publications internationally and trained on stage with people like the late Jim Rohn. She and her husband are involved in numerous charities throughout Africa and Asia. Check out the interview from ABC on her website. She has an amazing story and is one of the most selfless and genuine people I have ever met.

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