Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thankful for My Followers

This weeks post is for all of my followers. I've only been really seriously blogging since May 2010. I've 74 of you lovely people that follow and read my stuff. Which I am so thankful of. I've dedicated this post to you this week to let you know that I enjoy reading all of your blogs, because we all have similar stresses, situations and it's nice to read that we all share similar stuff in life. I also love to read all of your comments and see what you have to say. 

To become a better blogger what are some things that you wish I wrote about? 

What do you want to know?

{What I'm Thankful for this week}

45. All of My Followers
46. Time spend alone with Ian
47. Seeing Twilight Eclipse with my brother
48. Beautiful Sunny 90 degree weather everyday
49. Living close to the best consignment shop ever. 
50. Friends and New Friends
51. 11lbs my body was willing to give up :)
52. New vitamins and Fish oils I got this week
53. That we don't have to pay $800 bucks to get the brakes
done on the truck. The brakes are fine. 

{What are you Thankful for this week?}
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