Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Pop's is coming to Town

My daughter Mackenna's 2nd birthday day is on the 25th of July. We decided to have her birthday on July 31st instead. (Works out better for family). So, I asked my Dad if he would come down from Seattle, Washington to our place of residence in Lake Tahoe, CA. Recently my Dad just bought his ticket last week. So excited that he is coming and get's to be here for Mackenna's 2nd birthday party.

The Party!

I believe I've finally decided on a confirmed theme for Mackenna's birthday party. It's going to be Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. 
A cake I like, and would like to be attempted. 

If you have a 1-3 year old, I'm sure this is a favorite in your house as well. We did Sesame street for her 1st birthday party. Here is a photo of the cupcakes and cake I made her last year. 

This year it's going to be all about Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and his friends. I'm super excited and almost done making the invitations for her party. I will post photos of the invitations for tomorrow's post, so you can see them. 

I'm so Thankful that my dad is going to be here for Mackenna's Birthday and I took an extra two days off to hang with my Pop's. Hope he doesn't melt in the hot sun. 

What are you Thankful this week. 
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38. My Job. 4 year Anniversary Monday July 5th
39. My crackberry, I mean blackberry
40. Family Time
41. Rain, Thunder and Lightening Tuesday Night
42. No fires in Lake Tahoe yet
43. Softball on Thursday nights
44. Ian's Raise this week.