Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday Meal Plan

I've been slacking on my organizing of my families meal plan and haven't followed through with hardly
any of my meal plans. When you are both working parents and there is things such as overtime,
friends, family and just plain out trying to have a life, our meal plan turns into a jumble mess on whatever
I decide to cook for that night. I'm starting school in a couple of weeks, yes summer went fast and too short
as always. However, since I'm taking 4 classes this next semester I really need to be on my A game and follow
through with my meal plan for my family. Otherwise, I'm going to go nuts. :)

Sunday: Kiwi Style Sausage Rolls
& Salad

Monday: Homemade Chicken Strips 
& Salad

Tuesday: Pizza (Softball night)

Wednesday: BLTA's &
Ta-tor Tots

Thursday: Last Truckee Thursday's
(Eat downtown). This is a local event
held downtown Truckee where we live. Music, good eats and local merchants.

Friday: Family out to dinner night
(decided the 3 of us haven't gone out to dinner
in a while, so tonight is the night.)

Saturday: Bake Cookies with Mackenna
Turkey Loaf, Salad and Homemade Scalloped Potatoes.

Sunday: Rice, Chicken, Cheese Casserole 

Hope everyone had a good weekend. 
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Friday, August 13, 2010

I Bought a Hot Mama Bag

It must be around 2-3 months ago, ok maybe not that long ago, that Alysha had a free giveaway
@ thetarrpit for a Hot Mama Bag. I didn't win, but that how it goes with giveaways right... :)

Yesterday, I jumped onto Etsy and remembered that I wanted to take another look at her shop:
Hot Mama Bags
and see if she had additional patterns that were more recent or new. I took a browse and
I finally purchased one yesterday.

I choose this one!

I love the pattern

Not Actually, mine, photo from her shop...

Also, I got a really cute Key Chain to match the Bag as well. 

I will get back to you and let you know how it works and do a little review for you all. I haven't been
asked to do a review by the seller, but I really want to, because they are too cute of bags and I
want you all to see what you can fit in there. 

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Potty Training in Full Swing

My daughter now 2, is ready to be potty trained. I'm ready too. You finally reached a point where you do not want to deal with buying diapers anymore, cleaning the mess up when you child decides they don't want the diaper on anymore. 

For the last couple of night's when I get home from work I've been changing Mackenna out of her diaper and slipping on her training underwear. They are actually really cool. The ones that my Grandma sent to me are made from Gerber. They are like underwear, except they have a padding in them, So if they start to go, it's not going to make the biggest mess they kinda soak up the pee in a way. She seem's to really like it and enjoy getting the diaper off when I'm home. 

I've set up her portable potty in the living room, in case we need to make a mad dash to get her on the potty if I start to see she is peeing. She kinda squats or stands perfectly still and looks down. That's my Queue. We also, have in our bathroom a 2 step stool and a little seat that sits on the bigger seat of the toilet.

{My Tricks}

1. Running the water with the faucet while she is sitting on the toilet. 
2. Having the portable potty in the living room
3. Sticker Chart, she get's to put a sticker on paper after she goes potty 
(or every time she sits on the potty)

I think the most important thing to do when potty training is to always be encouraging them and never get mad if there is an accident. Also, trying not to get anxious and being calm. If they feel your anxiety and feel pressured they will not be interested. What have you done with your toddler's during potty training? Anything that's worked for you?

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Monday, August 9, 2010


Thanks to all of my awesome followers and reader's I've hit 100 followers.
This is so exciting. 
Thank you to everyone that has followed the Mack to My Cheese.

This weekend recap....
Friday night I went out to the bars with my sister-in-law and Jenny, for some drinks to celebrate,
my sister-in-law Amber's 30th Birthday. I even sang karaoke. :)
Saturday I really enjoyed doing not much of anything. I've been so busy at work, I feel
like I'm never at home. So, when I'm home I don't feel like doing much of anything, but
being a couch potato. We rented movies, and watched movies all day and I slept like crazy.
It's weird after I look back on those days I feel guilty for doing it, but in no way did I feel that 
way on Saturday. Everyone needs a lazy day.. Right!?!

Hope everyone has a good week!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mack's 2nd Birthday Party Recap

Dear Mackenna,
You have been our pride and joy for the last 2 years. I never thought I could love someone unconditionally, and you have shown me I can. You bring smiles to my face no matter how tough of a day I had. You have made Daddy and Mommy so happy, and we look
forward to continue to watch your grow. 

Love, Mommy and Daddy

My daughter turned 2 on July 25th, 2010. We had her birthday the following Saturday. Here are some of the photos for those two days. It turned out to be a really good party. 

Monday, August 2, 2010

Meal Plan Monday

This weekend was a very successful weekend. We had Mackenna's 2nd Birthday Party on Saturday, 
and my dad left yesterday after being here since Wednesday.

Here is the meal plan for the week

Cheese Burgers, potato salad


Chicken & Rice Casserole. 

Orange Chicken and Pot stickers

BBQ Chicken and Salad


Pork Chops, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, and Cesar Salad

Here is a photo from Mackenna's Birthday.....
I promise to post photos from this weekend soon. 

Birthday Girl and her Cake.

Daddy and Tyson sleeping after the cake was over. :)

Hope you had a great weekend!

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