Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Potty Training in Full Swing

My daughter now 2, is ready to be potty trained. I'm ready too. You finally reached a point where you do not want to deal with buying diapers anymore, cleaning the mess up when you child decides they don't want the diaper on anymore. 

For the last couple of night's when I get home from work I've been changing Mackenna out of her diaper and slipping on her training underwear. They are actually really cool. The ones that my Grandma sent to me are made from Gerber. They are like underwear, except they have a padding in them, So if they start to go, it's not going to make the biggest mess they kinda soak up the pee in a way. She seem's to really like it and enjoy getting the diaper off when I'm home. 

I've set up her portable potty in the living room, in case we need to make a mad dash to get her on the potty if I start to see she is peeing. She kinda squats or stands perfectly still and looks down. That's my Queue. We also, have in our bathroom a 2 step stool and a little seat that sits on the bigger seat of the toilet.

{My Tricks}

1. Running the water with the faucet while she is sitting on the toilet. 
2. Having the portable potty in the living room
3. Sticker Chart, she get's to put a sticker on paper after she goes potty 
(or every time she sits on the potty)

I think the most important thing to do when potty training is to always be encouraging them and never get mad if there is an accident. Also, trying not to get anxious and being calm. If they feel your anxiety and feel pressured they will not be interested. What have you done with your toddler's during potty training? Anything that's worked for you?

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