Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I'm Tired.... New Cleaning Schedule

Do you ever feel like when you get home from work, you have so much to do and you do to much, that you don't finally sit down for a break until 4-5 hours later. I've been feeling like that lately. I've decided that I'm doing to much on any given day. I understand that I have to clean everyday, but there has to be a method to my madness. It is time for me to have a cleaning schedule. I love organizing and being organized. Now I will spend 45 mins max a day cleaning... hopefully, because I have to fit in cooking dinner and hanging out with Mackenna when I get home.

Wash Bedding
Clean out cars

Dust/wipe down house
Vacuum Living area

Mack's Room
Deep Clean Kitchen

Mack's Laundry
Mop/Sweep Floors

Vacuum Bedrooms

No Cleaning
Meal Planning and grocery list

Grocery Shopping

The things I can't avoid are picking toys up every night before I got to bed, and cleaning the kitchen and dishes after dinner. I wish those things could do them all by themselves. Ha, dreaming.. :) How do you other mama's out there keep your house's in order and clean? What is the method to your madness?