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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Not Mom-of-the-Year

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I've been a working mom since my little Mack was born. It's been over 2 1/2 years of this working mom thing. I constantly fail. I'm not the best at it. I try to make it work the best I can. 

Story time.... Last night I tried entertaining Mack next to me on a stool while working and cooking her dinner. I was working away, stirring the pot of boiling Mack N Cheese and Boom! Mack fell off the stool and smacked her head on the corner of the couch and hit her elbow. She didn't cry.... she screamed. I quickly scooped her, cuddled and tried to comfort and calm her down. 

Ian comes out of the room, "What happened?" 
Me: " She fell of the stool, I need you to take her for a minute so I can finish her dinner."

By then I was irritated, here I am trying to work, cook dinner and entertain her. She ends up getting hurt and I have to ask for Ian to look after her for a minute.

Work: Yes, I work 24/7 and that's the way it is. 

I spend most evening's hanging out with my child on the couch or in my bed with a laptop on my lap. 

I'm not the Mom-of-the-Year or the Working-Mom-of-the-Year. I try my best and sometimes I fail. 

Thursday, January 13, 2011

I'm going in insane.. cleaning

I'm not sure who keeps pricking me with needles with a voodoo doll because I have to clean every night and every time I get home. I will leave my clean house to come home to a mess. Is there house trolls that throw a party in my house everyday while I'm at work. I swear, they need to find a new house to party at.
Both the hubs and I work full time and that leaves us very little time after work to clean the house, prep dinner, cook dinner, bath's, stories, laundry.. etc. If you are a full time working parent you know how crazy it can be once you walk into the door in the evening.

I clean everyday when I get home, and I can't sit and relax because I know there is always something I need to do. It is seriously making me go insane, physically exhausted, no time to relax, no time to play with Mack. 

It's one of those self realizations.. "it's 8 o'clock already!" 

I'm going to start a cleaning Schedule, that I stick too. Just a couple of things a day that I can finish in 30-40 minutes a night. I hope not to start on them until after dinner and so forth. I also, want to split up the tasks between the hubs and I so I don't have to do it all. Plus, he will know what to do and maybe that will help. 

I don't have the cleaning schedule yet, but I will be making one soon. Any ideas? How do you get it all done? I need help!