Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Child Hood Vs. Adult Hood

I literally thought of this idea to blog about when I was driving home from the store this last Saturday night. I tend to think a lot, too much, about stupid stuff, dwell, stress..etc. I think you get it right! 

Once a upon a time I live in Seattle, Washington. I was born to an OCD father and mother. I didn't find this out until I grew older. 

I lived with my dad full time. My dad was a complete clean freak, and almost to the point where he would drive one crazy. He also was not a morning person whatsoever, and disagree to agree. 

Our rooms had to be clean and spotless. The old argument of "well it's my room I will close the door", didn't fly with my dad, cuz you see the sq footage of our closed door still belonged to him. So, our rooms were pretty clean for the most part. 

Dishes in the sink. We would have to have a pretty good reason why there were dishes in the sink. I.e. the dish washer was either currently running or you were about to say I'm emptying the dish washer now.

If you were late for school or missed the bus. I would A. call someone else and try and get a ride. or B. walk to school and just be late. It was much better to be late for school then wake my dad up and get oscar the grouch on the way to school in the car. Usually he was not happy when he was awoken from his slumber cave to drive me to school if I was late. 

There were times when my dad would tell me no. I couldn't do something I couldn't hang out with certain people, blah blah. The you cannot do list. Which I'm sure all of our parents have. I'm sure we have all thought to ourselves...

When I'm older and have my own place and my own house... I will
A. Buy whatever I want at the grocery store and will not have to answer to you
B. Stay out as long as I want and not have to check in with anyone. 
C. I will leave my room a mess because it will be my own house
D. I will do dishes whenever I feel like it so there. 
E. I will give my kids everything, because I know what it feel's like when someone tells you no.
F. I will not yell or discipline  my kids like you yelled & disciplined me. 
G. I will drive as fast and anywhere I want because I will be paying for my gas and my own insurance. 

This list could go on for like forever.

My point of all of this. When I grew older I became a product of my parents. Geee imagine that. 

I'm pretty clean and I don't like to leave my house or room a mess. I don't stay out late at all. My room can get a messy, but I usually clean it because it's just gross. I do dished if no daily every other day. I do not give my daughter everything, I say no and I don't feel bad about it. I have disciplined Mack for doing things wrong and not listening. I am cautious when driving because I don't want to have to pay money for tickets and higher insurance. 

It's funny when we are younger and think of all the things we cannot wait to do when we get older and live our lives without our parents. Everything I said I was going to do when I got older I don't do. It makes me laugh now about how rough I thought things were. The real world can be nasty and spit you out, but you parents raised and taught us certain things not to make them the bad guys, but teaching you to be realistic. 

I hope I can teach Mack the same things I was taught from my parents. 

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Best photo award to mack

This is the best smile I got from Mack on mothers day.
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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Some of my favorite mother quotes. 

" Mothers hold their children's hands for a short while, but their hearts forever. "
 ~Author Unknown

" All mothers are working mothers."  ~Author Unknown


Dear Mom, 

Like I've said before, you are a pain in the ass, advice giver, opinionated, loud spoken, stubborn, always right, loving, always there, did I mention pain my ass. Wasn't sure and I wanted to make sure that made it into the list. Good cook, cancer survivor, loving Grandma, and most of all the best mom. I may not tell you all the time, ok probably never, but I love you and all that you do for me and my family. This day is as much as mine as yours, because if it weren't for you, I wouldn't be the person I am today. Being a mother is a hard job and I never really understood it until I became one myself. I'm glad you are around and living in the same country, let alone the same state. I know I've been glad to have you around and for you to be part of Mack's life. 

Happy Mother's Day Mom!


Happy Mother's day to all of my family, friends and fellow bloggers. May this day be a day about you. You, We, I deserve this day. 

Friday, May 6, 2011

Saving's Account, who needs one.

I'm 24 years old, and yet to ever establish or start a saving's account. It's one of those lessons that I have yet to learn or teach myself. Which is farking stupid right. My thinking of not needing  a savings account is necessary, no matter how much money you make, I only fooling myself. I would love to say we have $5K or even $10K in savings because we are rock stars and that's what we do. We save.

I'm admitting I'm a SPENDER!

Whenever I see that amount after all bills are paid and the groceries are in cupboard I start to get the itch. The itch to buy something, to buy Mack, to buy Ian or something for the house. The list goes on I tell you.

I'm starting to learn that what you have, what's in your house, what kind of car you drive doesn't define you or your wealth. I have a nice car and so does the hubs, but is it worth the $1,000 a month to have those nice cars... no! I would rather have a car that gets me from A to B then have a the latest and greatest. 

Think if I saved $1,000 a month just by not having car payments that would be $12K a year. That would be one good effing vacation or several right? That's how I've been thinking lately. 

I have to be a grown up and just start saving the dough. Automatic transfer money straight from my check to savings. sounds easy right. Saving is hard and it takes some serious discipline and self control. 

Less is more. I'm posting that on my mirror in the morning, along with hey fatty don't skip the gym either today. 

I like writing notes to myself. 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A career in the Army.. My Brother

My brother although a huge pain in my ass most of the time.. ok all of the time, has decided to join the army. Well he decided more than 2 years ago, but he is getting close to enlisting in the next 2-3 months. He took his MSCAT (military) test and he scored a 56. So basically he can have any job in the army he wants and a sign on bonus for his high test score. 


Now, that I think about it I'm going to be the sister of a U.S. Army Soldier.. soon. I remember watching hurt locker or something with my mom and saying " you know when Drae is deployed and over seas I won't be able to watch these war movies anymore." I like war movies, but maybe because no one in my family is currently active in the military or fighting the in the recent wars over the last decade.

I know my brother will be a great soldier and I think it's incredibly selfless to be able to join our "defensive team". Plus he could use the ass kicking from a higher rank. He thought my mom and whoever else in his life was a jerk face, wait till he has a soldier screaming in his face every five seconds. 

Anyway, I'm proud of my lil bro. Even if he is a stubborn and arrogant lil punk. ;)

Monday, May 2, 2011

My Fitness Pal

I've been on My Fitness Pal for quite a few months. There appears to be a lot of us mommy bloggers out there that... well, have it too! I would love for you to leave me your username's or your names you go by on the site. I would love to be friends with you and we can motivate and hold each other accountable. 

Please leave me your Account name in my comments, I can't wait to have you as my friend on My Fitness Pal. 

In just one week of actually counting my calories and watching what I'm eating and working out 3X a day. I've lost 4 pounds. 

I love how easy it is to document and keep track. If you haven't joined My Fitness Pal, you have to join now. 

My User Name: MountainMum

Add me as your friend and we can motivate and keep each other on track. 

If you are new to my fitness pal, then you have to go and check it out. You can track all of your food, exercise and water intake for the day. It's a one stop shop.

For you smartphone users there is an app you can download and have it on the go with you. It really is awesome. I hope to see you on there soon. 

Easter Weekend, Egg hunts oh my!

Easter weekend consisted of way too much candy, easter egg hunts, easter bunny, rain and wind, ham and more candy.

I love Easter and this year as been the most fun of them all. Last year we didn't really partake in the festivities and I'm a little bummed about now that I think about it. This year I went all out and made a lovely easter basket for Mack including: tinker bell doll, Tangled, candy, chap stick, more candy, and bubbles. 

Side note: My kid goes bonkers over bubbles. Its almost ridiculous. 

We went to a easter egg hunt on Saturday at the local park and there were tons of kids. It was raining and cold and mack was so over stimulated she didn't look at the camera once. Hint the nice pic of Ian and easter bunny and Mack looking at the ground. 

Sunday we took a dive in the easter basket, watched tangled and ate candy at around 6am. I'm all about good parenting decisions like feeding my 2 1/2 year old candy at 6:30am. We followed it by another easter egg hunt in our front yard and ham dinner. It was a perfect day and weekend.