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Friday, January 21, 2011

The McFatty Journey

I was really hesitate on posting this post with you all. First of all, if you haven't noticed I post a lot of photos of Mack and Ian. Where o Where did the woman/mommy that writes these blog posts ever going to show up? The fact of the matter is I don't like myself. Especially in photos.... I mean I swear the demon electronic device with a flash, called a camera, alters you to make you look horrible. I swear it.

It's time for change. I recently watched a movie Eat.Pray.Love. Call me corny, sappy, or whatever word is coming to your minds. 
Side note: I know there is one word you are all thinking of. If you are brave enough you can share the word you are thinking of below in the comments.

I'm not looking for love, got that taken care of and the stretch marks to prove it. I'm looking for a change in my life and a new balance for me. In the movie she eats and eats and basically doesn't care and wants to live. Well, i'm not saying I'm packing up and leaving tomorrow for Rome, India, and Bali. 
p.s The hubs wouldn't be too happy if I left and walked out because then who is going to help pay for the snowmobile. 
What I got out of that movie, reading in between the lines for once, is that it gave me some motivation to make a change in my life no matter what it is. Whether it is to pack up and leave for some.... mine is to get to the old healthy me. I want to be back at my pre-pregnancy weight.

I'm starting to do another cleanse. It's called Isagenix. You can check it out at 

It's a cleansing system using all natural products to cleanse your body and loose weight at the same time. Genius. I've done it before and I did it for 30 days and lost 15 or 16 lbs. After 30 days I was like heck let's party and let's just say 6 months later I'm looking back at the 15-16 lbs under my clothes again. What the eff! 

I'm rambling... here is too the point! 

How many of you heard cleanse and think you will shit your pants? Thanks for be brave person that is nodding their head. This isn't a colon cleanse. This is a whole body cleanse. 

Shake Days: 6 days of the week - 2 shakes replace two meals and one lean and green meal of 400-600 calories. 
Cleanse Days: Water, Cleansing powder to your water. If you are dying non-salted almonds, apple, carrots or celery to help you get through the day. The first cleanse day is rough. I mean rough, but they get easier.

Here it is my before picture... I was only brave enough because Tiffany from did it and well if she can post a photo I can too. 

Sorry. It's a bad one. I attempted to take it myself. haha

Proposed Weight loss: 60lbs

1st goal: January 30th - 10lbs
2nd goal February 15th - 15lbs
3rd goal February 28th - 20lbs
4th goal March 15th - 30lbs

Daily Goals:
Gym - once a day 45 minutes minimum
Water - 8-9 glasses a day. Even if I have to force it. 
No to: Coffee, soda (includes diet coke), juice. Just water for a week. Phew. I need a miracle.

I know there are a few of my readers and some people at that are following along and motivating each other to become healthier mom's and women. If you have any suggestions that has worked for... please, please tell me! 

I'm opening this up to anyone that wants to join me in McFatty Monday... Credit to Heir to Blair for starting McFatty Monday's. Bless her. She has the cutest tot and family. Are you in? We can do this. I want to create a little network on of people that want to get healthy. There will be no negative remarks just pure encouragement as we mama's put the doughnut down and get our life back. Plus, who wants to look hot this summer? We have time! 

I'm going to need the encouragement of all of you and positive thoughts. We can do this and together. Who is with me?

Friday, October 29, 2010

McFatty Friday - No Numbers

This week has been my first successful full week of reaching my health goals. I not saying weight goals, because weight and numbers discourages people. All I want to do is get healthy once again. We all want to be our high school weight, because who wouldn't. I was in the best shape in my life and in my prime. Sometimes being skinny like you once were just isn't an obtainable goal. If you work hard to being healthy you will get there eventually. 

This week I went to the gym everyday on my lunch and I will be going today. It's nice to get a nice workout on my lunch. I feel so much better afterwards. I'm more awake, sweaty, but awake. I have a friend at work Kate, that is going to the gym with me. So, that helps when I'm hitting the gym to have someone else sweating and enduring the pain with me. Plus, we motivate and laugh at eachother. I've also, been going to yoga twice a week. You might not think it's a workout, but man you can feel the burn. 

I'm going to tell you about my milestones at the gym and yoga, no numbers. 

For Example: Last night I almost did a hand stand with my elbows on the ground, I fell, but I almost did it. I will let you know stuff like that. 

Also, I'm skipping the coffee and trading it in for a protein or superfood shake. I'm eating fiber toast for breaky and a shake for dinner, or a salad. 

Cheers to Health!

Want to join my health regime. We can share our stories, recipes and milestones together. Link up. 

Thursday, October 21, 2010

My butt hurts

Got back into yoga today. My butt hurts but im feeling good. Cheers to all the mamas out there getting in shape.

Tomorrow guest blogger from the forever endeavor. Its a great post. Stop by tomorrow.
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Monday, October 11, 2010

McFatty Monday

I know, I know this is just silly. But, hey I'm fat and I'm not going to lie about it. (I'm laughing my ass off as I write this) I'm being serious now.... I'm not laughing anymore. I starting this and jumping on the band wagon to regain my healthy lifestyle I used to have. I was fit, athletic and all my clothes fit. Then I had a baby, well she is 2 now. I don't have an excuse anymore time to get back in shape.

I'm too shy, so I won't be posting a photo of my sexy body. (don't be too disappointed). I'm starting McFatty Monday's because I want to join in with the other mom's out there that are also wanting to be their old selves again.

I want to be able to post my progress, maybe as I get braver I will post my photos of my progress, but for now I will just state the facts and the number of lbs or clothes sizes I'm dropping. ha!

I'm going to keep the first post short, because I'm also posting my first giveaway ever on my blog tomorrow 10/12.

Please feel free to give me some advice, what worked for you. Also, feel free to leave me a link to your McFatty Monday's.