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Friday, February 11, 2011

Let me be real with you

I read this post by Jamie @ Walkin' in high cotton. She was wrote on her blog "is being postitive just really being fake?" This has got me thinking. There are some negative things that happen in my life that I choose not share on the ol blog. Why? What I'm a afraid of. Being judged. When I know for sure that everyone else has their issues and problems as much as I do. That's right. We all do. 

I'm going to be real with you.

I'm 24 years old. 
I'm a mother to a 2 1/2 year old.
I'm lazy just like any other person. 
I'm a sleeper, and the hubs has to get up every night, to check on Mack or tuck her in. 
I work 50-60 hour weeks at a desk in a office. 
I'm stubborn and hate being wrong. Like "hate it"!
in that case, I'm alway's right
I'm a energy drink junky
I have such a great job, that my college degree is on hold.
My family is near from perfect. 
I have a pile of project's that I want to get done and I haven't
I leave dishes in the sink dirty
I struggle with anxiety
I'm a procrastinator
I can be a bitch, so says the hubs
I worry about our debt and financial decisions. 
I have to have the newest and latest, just ask the hubs
I'm hard to love I'm sure
I'm independent
I volunteer my time in the community a lot
I over commit to things
I hardly ever cry
I can listen to songs over and over and not get bored of them
I'm no where near being perfect
I buy things for Mack before I buy anything for myself

Now you know some truth behind the blogger that writes here.