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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Will my kid pull the "my parents will never know" stunt?

I was sitting in the car with Ian and Mackenna yesterday on our way to the pet store. (Yes, I killed my kids fish and we had to go buy more) and was thinking to myself all of the things that I did that I thought and maybe my dad still doesn't know what I did behind his back. 

I sifted through memories of what I did to be a pain in the ass.

- I took $20 bucks all the time out my dad's wallet. (granted my dad pretty much knew. Like, my dad is stupid and didn't count his money in his wallet or knew how much was in there.) Ya, I was dumb and like heck my dad knew. Der!

- Said I was going somewhere and really wan't even playing on going there. This really didn't happen for me until I was driving. But, I did all the time. I said I was going there and no intention of going where I told my dad. (side note: I got caught sometimes because I locked my keys in the car at places I wasn't suppose to be at, don't worry though, I bought a hide a key and attached it to my car so that would never happen. Ya I got smarter.

- I forgot to get something signed or I just didn't want my dad to see the thing I needed sign. So, I became really good at forging my dad's signature. Like real good. 

- I had boyfriends and did some things. (don't need to discuss I'm sure) but, hey I was young and dumb and had fun. 

- when I was grounded or had my car taken away. I would leave and mark the tires with tape so I knew exactly how my car was when I left. Because my dad was a freak of nature and he would have noticed. 

I then thought, oh shit!, what if my daughter pulls this shit one me?!? Will I know about it? Will I also say, " I know what you do and when and have eyes in the back of my head so don't pull any shit on me?" 

Let's face it. I'm sure my dad lied to me and told me he knew everything to scare me so I wouldn't do it. There were sometimes it worked and I didn't do it because I knew he would know. and other times... I just said eff it and did it. 

I've come to the conclusion that I'm screwed and my kid will pull the same shit I did. It's just the way it is. I will do my best as a parent, like my dad, to teach her about important things in life that she needs to know. I think it is also, pay back. Like when my dad used to say, "wait till you have kids!" I'm thinking maybe he did know and wanted me to do it so that I will suffer later. He knew I would get my own and that I will get pay back. 

Anyone else thought of this? I'm glad they are young for a while, and that I have time to prep myself for these events.