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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mountain Mum's Letter's

Dear Ian: such a great weekend to relax and hang out with the three of us. Mack enjoyed building houses with you with mega tiles. Thanks for dealing with all of the snow removal this winter and especially this weekend. I'm sure Mack says thank you too! Dear Mother Nature: you have made it clear that you are here to stay for awhile, by dumping 3-4 feet of fresh powder to Tahoe on the first day of spring. Flowers, trees blossoming, and green grass I hope are in are near future, and please don't wait to show us these things until May like last year. Dear Mack: I hope you had fun with Mom and Dad this weekend. We played and played all weekend and had some good naps. Must have been the blizzard like conditions outside. I hope you had fun with mom and dad on Saturday night with dinner and video games and then movie night at home. Dear Day Light Savings: I'm so glad that you have come around this year again. It's nice to come and go to work in the sunshine and be able to have a couple hours of light when I get home. I'm glad you are here to stay for a while. 

P.S. My internet at home has been so slow for the last 3 days due to the snow storm we got today and this weekend. Sorry for the late post. 

P.S.S. Happy Spring! What are you doing to prepare yourself for spring? Any spring cleaning ideas? 

Ok one last P.S. stay tuned for my spring cleaning post this week. I want to do a garage sale this year. 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

First day of spring...Not!

First day of spring for Tahoe this year consists of 4-5 feet of fresh snow. Mack and I have been playing all morning. Blocks, play doh, stickers movies and its only 10am. Yikez we have a long day of being inside today.

Hope you have a great first day of spring and happy sunday.

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Why Do I live here?

Lake Tahoe, Donner party, Snow, Wind, White out, power outages. Anyone, ever wonder why the Donner Party died? I live 10 minutes from Donner Summit and 2 miles from where they believe the Donner Party camped. 

When we get snow storms of 4-7 feet of snow fall and winds gusting over 100 MPH, you think, no wonder those people died and considered eating themselves. I mean with a proper shelter and a place to keep you warm, no wonder those people died. I mean look at just my drive home.

This is the Freeway on Donner Summit

As I was driving in white out conditions last night and unable to get home in a timely manner due to car pile ups, freeway being closed and just stupid asses on the road. My Friend called me. She asked why do I like living up here. 

Hmmm.. I actually enjoy driving in the snow. I don't mind shoveling and I love to enjoy the snow and do winter activities such as snowmobiling and snowboarding. The fact we get 4 feet of snow in 2 days doesn't stop me from going to work, have to be there and not be late, and going to the store, or appointments or taking mack to preschool. It's life up here and there is no difference to me between 4 or 7 feet of snow. Life still goes on up here. 

Here are a couple of photos from the drive home. Ya, I used my camera on my phone while driving... shhh don't tell anyone. 
White out! Driving conditions

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Snow finally returns to Lake Tahoe, CA

It's been a solid 2 months of 40-50 degree weather and sun. Just before christmas we had around 5 feet of snow  at our house. Due to the warm weather and lack of snow from the snow gods for 2 freaking months. We no longer had any snow in our front yard until last night.

Lake Tahoe, CA was showered upon by the snow gods of 2-3 feet of fresh POW! It's about farking time. This morning I woke up at around 6am and left the house at 7amish. I got to work 5 minutes late and I live freaking 9 minutes away. It was slow going and lot's of plow trucks and such on the road. Not to mention the people that cannot drive in the snow. I hate to say it, but out-of-towners (flatlander's we like to call you). If you cannot drive in the snow stay home and off the roads... please!

Now we have snow in the forecast for the next 8 days. Awesome. I'm skipping the gym today since I have so much snow at home to shovel. I'm thinking that will be a better work out then going to the gym today on my lunch. 

View from my office at work

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wordless Thursday - Cousins Meet for first time

Mack and Jade play in the snow

Meet for the first time, and become great playmates

and share their first Christmas together. 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

No matter the distance, family is still family

Mack in the snow

"Separation exists only in human mind." - Rinon Hoxha

Me and my Aunty from New Zealand at my house

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Eat your heart out

I woke up this morning....

Mt backyard this morning.

My Front yard this morning...

And.. for kicks I had egg nog coffee this morning..

So far 9 inches of snow of the expected 3 feet of snow till Sunday. I will update later with some more 
photos of the snow. I'm so excited that we might take the snowmobile down the street. haha! enjoy
and no drooling on my blog. 
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Friday, November 19, 2010

McFatty Friday: Snow Dance, Snow Dance

Weekly McFatty Friday post is coming at ya. I've been going to the gym for 17 days now. (not the weekends). Although, I'm giving up my hour lunch everyday, I'm so happy that I'm going everyday, and I'm not taking any time away from my family in the evenings. So, its like win, win for me. 

Everyday before and after my workout I walk by the scale. It's right in front the frackn bathroom. I always look at it, but never get on the damn devilish thing. Is that weird...

Here is why... first of all I'm just stoked for myself that I've been going to the gym every week day for the last 3 weeks. I don't want to get discouraged that I haven't lost any poundage. I'm going to the gym to get in shape, be healthier and loose some pounds. However, I'm not going to be down on myself because the scale isn't moving. 

Sooooo... I will not go near that damn digital butt face. :)

I feel better with more energy. I'm not as sluggish in the morning and I feel like I can go forever and that is my goal for going to the gym to have a healthier lifestyle that I've lost track of the last 2 years. Kids do that I guess. ; )

On another note... we are expected to get a huge storm today. 3-4 feet in the sierra mountains and greater Lake Tahoe Basin. I'm jumping and typing at the same time. Snow brings a smile to my face. I love to run outside with Mackenna and stand in the dumping snow. I like to be inside working on a craft project or coloring with her or even reading and watching the snow fall outside the windows. It's just a happy content feeling. Also, with the snow we at least have one day together, just me and Mack, while the hubs goes out and snowmobiles. These are also some of my favorite weekend days when it's just us girls. 

See the purple spot by reno. I'm right at the point. We are in purple zone baby.
12" + tonight! Winter Storm warning in effect from Today-Sunday 4pm PST

I mean I love Ian, but sometimes we just need some time for just the girls right!!?! Did I mention that I would rather him go on Sunday's so I don't have to watch football. ha!

Hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend. I will upload some photos of the dump progress this weekend, if we still have power!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Snow!

There were taken this morning before we headed off to preschool. Mack was so happy that there was snow.

Also... Happy Birthday to my Dad today. Happy Birthday Dad!