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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mack Monthly Update

Mack at the KidZone. 
Mack is now 2 Year's old and 2 month's old. She is growing up to be a well behaved and well mannered child. It's hard to think at times that you are the one that has created this person. She still surprises me everyday and is smarter than I ever imagined.

Weight: 36 pounds (Still the same weight)

Height: 3 feet tall. 

New Words: Wake up, Cya Later, more please, I love you (way more clear), Remembering her friends name's from school. Counts 1-10 and almost to 20. 

Eating Habits: Really into her favorites again. Being stubborn about new food items. 

Favorite Movies: A Goofy Movie, Bugs life, and Walle

Activities: Everything is "what's that!" She wants to know what everything is and will repeat what you tell her. She is picking things up so quickly. 

Potty Training Status: She went all by herself the other weekend. She just didn't get her undies down, but she went potty by herself. Progress.  

Sleeping: She is a sleepy kid. She still takes 2-3 hour naps a day and sleeps through the night from 8pm to 5:30am - 6:00am. 

Building with Friends
She built this all by herself.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mack Monthly Update

I can't believe I'm writing another Mack Monthly update post already. I swear I just did it a few days ago. My oh my how time flies. She is doing really well and taking into reading all the time now. Even if she is interpreting the photos and making up her own stories to herself, the fact that she is engaging in books by herself is awesome. She can now take her own shoes off. Usually when we enter the door at home that is the first thing that she wails at you for. Mommy, "shoes off!" She is now just doing it herself which is a big help. Because I'm a working mom and so is dad, we have limited time in the evenings to go chores, dinner, baths, play time and quiet time. We have to bum rush in the door and do everything as quickly as we can. It has been a little helpful that Mack now goes to bed around 9. So 8-9 is typical play time and Bath squeezed in. She helped me even load the dish washer last night. It was nice, because I got to hang out with her, engage with her and get a chore done. Win, Win! She loves putting the silver ware in their spots and is almost a little OCD about how they go in. On January 29th I got her first hair cut. Check out Mack's First Hair Cut post. She loved it and was a real good sport about it. I'm glad that she enjoyed it and I think will look forward to going again. 

Weight: 36 pounds

Height: I'm not really sure. I swear 3 ft tall. 

New Words: I'm sorry, ouch, boo boo, hurt me, excuse me, please

Eating Habits: She is getting better and better about eating different things. We try showing her how good it tastes. Some nights she is just not into trying anything and other nights she digs right in. 

Favorite Movies: Aladdin, and How to Train your Dragon. (at first she wasn't sure what to think of this movie and now she loves it.)

Activities: She loves to giddy up on her horse on a stick, loves to stick stickers everywhere, playdoh, and just sitting in her room reading books to herself. 

Potty Training Status: It's still hit and miss, but we are making progress. 

Sleeping: We have pushed her bedtime to 9, because 8 was too early for her, she was waking up at 4am. She has been waking randomly and getting up and playing. I think we fixed that by putting her back in her bed right away. 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What happened to my 9 hour baby?

I had the best baby ever. Mack was such a good sleeper from the moment we brought her home. She loved to eat and sleep and so did mommy and daddy. It took a week or so to adjust to her sleeping patterns. She eventually was in her crib by the first week. I'm so glad I didn't do co-sleeping. She has slept by herself in her crib since she was 1 week old. However, her crib was in our room for the first 2 months. 

When she was 3 months the crib was moved to her own room. She got great sleep and so did we. Although she did wake once a night till 7 months for a feeding. Which I didn't mind. I had a video monitor and I was able to see her the entire time. Which was awesome. 

Anyway, here we are 2 1/2 years old. Every night before bed we read to her. After reading 4 books or so we say its time for sleeping. She gets all cozy in her toddler bed and rolls over like she is going to go to bed. We close the door. I walk by her room after 5 minutes or so and the light is on in her room. I open the door and she looks at me innocently. "Books mommy books!" I tell her that I will read one more book and then it's bedtime. Sometimes the second time she is off to sleep and other nights this could be 3 or 4 more times before she finally steps down and goes to bed. 

I don't mind her doing this in the slightness. However, recently she has been getting up at 3, 4 and 5 am. Depends on the night. She opens her door and comes in our room. She get's lifted into bed and then she proceeds to talk to us and kick us in bed to wake us up. We go lay her back down after a little while, but she gets right back up. So, this morning at 3:30am I finally get her out of bed and put in a movie for her in her room. She watched the whole thing happily. 

I finally get out of bed and get ready for the day and we head off to school and work. So, now that missy has been getting up so early, she has been passing out in the car on the way to school.

What the Heck? Since when?

My kid as always been the perfect 8-9 hour sleeper? Is this just a phase? 

Sound familiar to any of you mom's with toddler's?