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Monday, November 22, 2010

Sounds of Morning

The sounds of my morning. I love the fact that I no longer wake up before anyone in the house is even thinking of waking up. I used to leave the house with Ian still snoring as I'm getting dressed and slip out the front door. I no longer wake up to the most annoying sound ever... the alarm clock. 

Now I wake up to the shower curtain scraping across the shower rod. (I don't care how ghetto it is I'm going to replace my decorative metal shower hooks with ghetto plastic rings.) I can't stand that horrid in the morning. I usually look at the clock now and see either 5am or 5:15am, when ever Ian finally decides to get out of bed. 

I hear everything in the morning he does. Sometimes I sit and think in bed, dear god I was never that loud in the morning, what is his issue. I hear the sink go on in the morning and not just turned on a little bit, the sink is turned on full blast. I can either hear him shaving, trimming his face, or hear him banging the damn sonic care toothbrush on the edge of the sink. Then the door flies open and the lights get flicked on in the room. Then there is the banging of the dresser drawers. The flop on the bed to for him to put his socks on. 

I know its coming then... he will wake me up in a minute. I either get my feet tickled or I know you will get mad, but it's time to wake up. Then I either raise up or not move and then I get a kiss. I hear him storm out bang around in the kitchen and the front door closes.

Some morning's he is really gone right away, other's he comes back in and asks... have you seen this? or he forgot something, or his lunch is sitting on the counter. 

This is when I usually go and take my shower... and then I hear my little mini me in her room. She now knocks on her own door, won't open it, but knocks for you to let her out. It's so funny to me.

I'm getting used to this 8-5 thing....

What do you hear in the morning?
How was your weekend?