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Friday, December 31, 2010

Guest Blogger Week: Meet Elizabeth @ The Writer Revived

Please Welcome Elizabeth from The Writer Revived
She is a writer and currently working and editing on a book. She has a cute daughter SB and she lives in Florida. If you want to hear her brag about florida, her daughter and her book. Follow her tweets and blog.


Hello! I’m Elizabeth. I live in Florida with my husband and our two year-old
daughter. After she was born, I made the surprising (to me anyway) decision to
become a stay-at-home mom. In that first year, I was immersed in motherhood.
But as my daughter grew from an infant to an increasingly independent toddler, I

realized I had neglected to nurture myself. Most importantly, I needed to get back
in touch with my creative side.

Shortly after my daughter’s first birthday, following a long hiatus, I rediscovered
my passion for writing and jumped in headfirst. I developed an idea for a
nonfiction book (about motherhood), wrote a proposal and began querying
literary agents. That proposal is currently with two agents for consideration.
My blog, The Writer Revived originally started out as a way to detail my writing

As the blog evolved, I also began to write about motherhood. It became a great
release for me to share about my experiences as a new mom. It also connected
me with tons of other moms and enabled me to develop a strong support
system. And it is the subject of my book, so it made sense to take the blog in that
direction. At this point, about half my posts are about being a mom, and half are
about being a writer. Please stop on by if you’d like get to know me a little better.
And help me get to know you! I love making new connections!

Let it Snow?

I moved to Florida to get away from snow. After 30 years in the Midwest, I'd
had enough. However, 80 degrees year round did not particularly appeal to me,
either. So I settled in Northeast Florida, where we do have a change of seasons.
It goes a little something like this:

December = Fall
January = Winter
February = Spring
March - November = Summer

OK, I may be exaggerating a little. But I like that it can get cold here, albeit for a
short time. I get to wear sweaters and build fires in the fireplace. It can even get
really cold. But I don't ever have to worry about the white stuff. Or its very nasty
cousin, ice. Which is more than fine by me.

As much as I do not enjoy snow as an adult, I can appreciate how much fun it
is for a child. Now that I have a daughter, who turned two yesterday, I want her
to be able to experience it. When she's a little older, we will plan a trip around
seeing some snow (perhaps we will visit Kristina and her family in Tahoe!). For
now, we had the opportunity to witness it right here in the Sunshine State.

Don't get too excited. I'm talking about the machine-generated kind. America's
oldest city, St. Augustine, plays hosts to Winter Wonderland Florida, where you
can count on snow every night at 7:00 during the holiday season. Earlier this
month, we took the String Bean (SB for short) there to get in the Christmas spirit.
I'm not so sure she did...