Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mack's First 3 weeks of Preschool

Mackenna is on week 3 of preschool and now I'm posting about her first day with photos now. Ok, I know lame. Better late than never I always say : )

So the night before I was little bit of a wreck. I thought my house had to be perfectly clean and her room and clothes all washed and ready to go for the week. I packed her lunch the night before in her new lunch box, and made sure her name was written on everything. 
I didn't really sleep a wink that night, because I was afraid she wasn't going to like it and they would be calling me tomorrow at work to come and pick my monster up. I got up real early the morning of the first big day and was making sure that her backpack was all packed up and then I woke her up. She usually sleeps in until 7am, but for preschool she needs to be up no later than 6:15am. She was so grumpy, to say the least. I pretty much had to pin her down on the couch just to get her shoes on. By the time we were running out the door it was 7:10am... we were looking pretty good to be on time to preschool that starts at 7:30am. I was on the main road headed to Mackenna's school, when I realized that I left my hot iron on. I turned around and zoomed back home to turn that the stupid thing off. I jump back in the car and by this time Mackenna is loosing her patience with me. I told her not to worry we are really off to school now. 

We finally got to her school, and I started putting away all of her stuff in her new cubby. Then I watched her play for a little bit and she completely forgot I was even there until I asked for a hug and kiss goodbye. She turned around and told me "no! cya mummy." At first I was sad, but then I was super happy that she was going to have a good time at school. I walked out to my car and realized that even though she is two years old, she is still my little baby. It's hard to realize that they are a little person and not a baby anymore.
So far, we are on week 3 of school and the morning's are getting easier and running more smoothly. I swear her vocab has increased beyond my expectations. She is really loving school.