Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Transition to the Toddler Bed

My child loves her crib. I mean loves it. She would love to play in there with bert and ernie and monkey. She would actually get upset if you took her out of crib too soon. She liked to lay there for additional 15 minutes after she had woken up from her nap and in the morning. If you grabbed her out too early she would be so cranky.

I've been thinking about when the right time would be to take the front piece off her crib and let her be able to get in and out of bed on her own. I was scared she would freak and refuse to sleep in her bed with it being "The Crib". I thought it would be easier for potty training, and after 4 months of her second birthday I knew is was time for me and I hoped that she would follow. She never tried to crawl out of her crib, she just loved being in there. So, I never pushed her to go to the toddler bed.

She fell out of bed once or twice the first night, and then we had no issues. She now will open her door in the mornings come in are room and tell us to "wake up mommy and daddy." If not that she will knock on her door in the morning and say help me please. Or, she will call us.

She love's being able to get in and out of bed. It's such a relief. Now since she is able to be mobile in her room at night and in the morning. I wanted to really make sure that she couldn't get into anything. One morning, I woke up and she had pulled out every single one of the wipes out of the container. 

When did you decide to make the transition to the toddler bed. 

Crib with front Piece off
Mackenna showing off Bert.
She really wants you to meet bert
Another view.

Another View
Her room again.
Closet. Removed the doors. 
Showing off in her toddler bed. 

sorry for the crummy photos, I couldn't find my camera, I had to use my phone. : )
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