Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thankful Thursday - Relatives meet USA

My Aunt Dayna and Uncle Jeremy
This christmas is going to be the best one yet of my existence. Ok, as far as I can remember them back. My Aunt (dayna) and Uncle (Jeremy) and Cousin (Jade) are coming to the United States for the first time ever from New Zealand. 

This is me in New Zealand 2005 in Queenstown. Price William was
there at the same time as me. 
Lil Background or reference my previous post Parents from Different Countries. Anyway for the purposes of this post I will tell you all again. My dad is American and My Mom is Kiwi (from New Zealand). So, I have family on each half of the world basically. 

Anyway, my mom's sister, my aunt. (are you confused yet... sorry!) They are coming to America for the first time ever this Christmas. Plus, they get to come to the most beautiful part of this country in my opinion Lake Tahoe, California and see snow in masses of amounts for the first time.

Scratching your head... Yes, New Zealand has snow in the South Island. I have snowboarded at every single of their 3 resorts. : ) However, this might sound silly, but it is more costly to fly to the South Island then to fly to Australia, which is like 4.5 hours away. Weird huh! Plus I'm sure you have all seen snow in the movies Lord Of The Rings... Ahh ha! I got the image in your head now. The entire movies were filmed in New Zealand and majority of it in the South Island. 

Sorry I went off on a tangent for a moment. My Aunt and Uncle live in the North Island on North Shore. 40 Minutes from Auckland, New Zealand. They have a lovely home right next to the beach in a highly nice area... (bitches!) Sorry. 
This is me and my mom is New Zealand, where my great grandma lived and
I visited as a little girl. (Please excuse the pajama pants, yes they have sheep on them.)

They will be coming to visit December for around 2 weeks, a week with us and a week in So Cal. You know the DisneyLand thing. My cousin Jadey will love it. This is so funny to me, but I will make fun of them just a little bit. They wanted to rent a car and drive the California coast. First of all, ya its a nice drive and its pretty but HELLO they live in New Zealand, where the entire country is boarded by Ocean. Why in the Hell would they want to drive the coast of California, go see something you haven't seen, because they have seen oceanthere entire life. (sorry aunty and uncle I'm just sayin).

I'm beyond excited to get on the piss (get drunk) on rum and egg nog with the family and watch my aunty get on a snowmobile for the first time and scream her head off. (It will be fun aunty don't be a baby.)

I am way more than Thankful that they are coming to visit my neck the world. I will post photos of their visit in December sometime. :)