Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Potty training take 2

A long time ago I mentioned that I was going to start potty training my daughter. Well, that just didn't happen the way I wanted it to. Not only was she not interested in potty training, I just didn't give her the time and effort the whole thing deserved.

The last couple of days and over the weekend I've been really good with her. She can't really tell me that she has to go potty quite yet until she is already going. (go figure.. right?) :) I ask her every 20 or so minutes if we need to go sit on the potty and she will either tell me yes or no. For the most part she will tell me yes and we will go and sit down and she will go pee. Which has been so awesome. However, today she went poop in the potty. I was so excited I think I scared her.

At this point in the potty training I'm trying to make a decision at this point to just throw away all diapers in the house and just go for it. Or, if I should keep the diapers around for awhile for like the car, sleeping, and or longer outings such as shopping and such.

Does anyone have suggestions for me that has gone through it or going through it now? 

What worked for you when you potty trained your tot? 

What didn't work? 

Am I crazy for wanting to throw away all the diapers?

I started a sticker chart for her in the bathroom, so every time she goes to the bathroom and she can get up and stick a sticker on a piece of paper in front of the toilet. Although, she has more fun flushing the toilet then putting a sticker on the wall.

Happy Tuesday