Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mackenna 2 Years and 2 months

Mackenna Jane is 2 years and 2 months old today. I can't believe it's 
been two months since her 2nd Birthday. 

Weight: 34 lbs

Height: TBD

Food: Mac and Cheese, Bananas, some meats, Yogurt
(she has become very picky already)

Words: Hi, bye, mommy,mum, daddy, thank you, welcome, kitty, cow,
home, sky, airplane, bath, teet, eyes, nose, ears, it's ok, uh oh.
(so many more)

Sings the ABC's all the way through
counts 1-10
Sings twinkle twinkle

Children grow up way too fast. I always feel bad and sad back in the days, when she was younger I would wish that she would hurry up and go to the next stage, because it would be easier. I guess just easier for me. Now that I look back at it, why did I rush it. Now, my daughter is 2 years old and all I can think about is doing it again. Oh boy, the expense of another child, are your shittin me. I'm am crazy that I have baby fever right now. Maybe so.