Monday, September 27, 2010

Firewood is a man's job

So, as you know I live in the mountains and all of fall is the preparation of our wood for our wood burning fire place. The hubs stated awhile back that inside the house is a woman's job. (Who hasn't heard that from a man's mouth.) Anyway, he told me that since he is dealing with cutting, splitting the wood that I can't ask him to do any chores in the house. Ok, that seems fair right?!?

Only Half of the wood we will need this winter

The other day after he realized how much wood their was to stack, he has changed his mind. He told me, " you know you are going to be the one helping me stack this, it's going to be a family event." (What the Frack!)

Not only now do I have to clean the house and clean his pee pee off the toilet, I now have to stack wood.

 I simply just said, "I don't think so, wood is a man's job."