Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Starting a New Weekly Meal Plan.. So Far a Success!

After a lot of research I've been doing on the internet on how to get more organized, I think I've finally found some good idea's that I can stick with and follow through on. I shared the website last week, where I've gotten these great ideas from.

I found a weekly meal planner on this website. I planned all of our meals on Sunday night and cooked Monday's dinner right off the list last night. Ian walked in the door and asked if he had walked into the wrong house. I get off of work 2 hours earlier than Ian, so I thought how nice it would be to have dinner cooked and done by the time he gets home and then we wouldn't be eating so late. 

Now I work full time, a full time student, and a mom. So trying things to get more organized and make things a little more easy on the family is good. Plus if I have something to do for school, or overtime at work. Ian can look at the weekly meal planner and get dinner started for me if he gets home before me. (Sometimes this happens a lot). But, making things easier for Men, I have learned you will have a better outcome.

So here is my Meal Planner for this week May 17- 23rd

Pasta with Garlic 3 cheese sauce and meatballs
Corn Bread Muffins

Pizza (Softball night)

BBQ chicken and Salad

Teriyaki Burgers with Pineapple
Sweet Potato fries & Salad

Tri Tip Marinated 
Cheesy Cali flower dish
Caesar Salad

Leftover Tri Tip made into Sandwiches
Caesar salad

Home Made Shepherds Pie

I'm so excited to know what I'm going to be cooking this week and weekend. Also, Ian can make any of these items so if one of us has overtime at work or something we can both know what to cook for dinner. 
Most of these menu items are our little family favorites. Please feel free to try them. 

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