Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Life Lesson Tuesday!

Life Lesson #1

Take your life into your own hands and make it what YOU want it to be, no matter what everyone else's opinion is. :)

Marriage? Yes Marriage. I'm 23 years old with a almost 2 year old and the best possible dad/partner/spouse I could ask for. We are NOT married yet!! Yes I said it. At this time we are not married. 

At first I stressed about it and made it a bigger deal than it was. I didn't like being out in public with a newborn, especially at my age, with no rings. People in this world are very harsh and judgmental. (I'm guilty of judgment too). Mackenna wasn't planned like most babies in my opinion, but we wouldn't change it for anything. I think some people get married for the wrong reasons, and to get married just because you are pregnant or just had a baby isn't a reason to just get married. I feel as if I've been married the last 4 years anyway. The car loans are in both of our names, Mackenna and I and Ian are all on his insurance, car insurance has had both of our names for at least 4 years. I guess at this time, it's not a real importance to us at this time, because marriage would only bring in legality and paperwork, it wouldn't change how we treat each other or how we live our life. 

I never thought how much it meant to my own family that we get married. I wish they knew that its something that we want to do, but wedding's costs a lot of money. Which we are more concerned with saving money to buy a house rather than save money to get married. It's really hard to do what you want when you have an over bearing pressure. The pressure and the constant reference to marriage makes me not want to get married. I want to do it for me and the day that I want.

This is all that is important to us right now..... Mackenna Jane

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